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1565610cookie-checkJ.J. Abrams and Disney Receive Death Threats Over Rise of Skywalker

J.J. Abrams and Disney Receive Death Threats Over Rise of Skywalker

(Warning this Article Contains Spoilers)

Upon reading the title you probably rolled your eyes and said “sure they are.” After all who could blame you after the sheer number of times they’ve cried wolf? If consumers are saying they’re unhappy, magic death threats that they’ll never share proof of manifest from the ether, but never leave any proof of their existence.

This time is different, the wolf has shown up and it is hoofing and puffing and that’s making the cast of Rise of Skywalker feel rather uncomfortable. The death threats aren’t coming from the Fandom Menace or Geeks, they’re coming from the unwashed Reylo masses and feminists who are outraged after Disney baited them into the theaters with promises of paying off the romance they set up for Rey and Kylo only to kill him off and have her indifferent a scene later.

You can clearly see the difference between how they react to real death threats. The cast has begun coming out calling Reylo’s creepy stalkers and fake fans. Apparently they didn’t get the memo that to the hype train crowd they’re nothing more than trained dancing monkey’s who had better never disappoint their masters.

Naturally many people were less than sympathetic as this was the audience that Disney wanted. This is the audience they chased the Toxic, entitled, misogynistic racist fans away for. After knowing Social Justice Warriors don’t buy anything, know they don’t care about your artistic expression they wanted them over any of us geeks or gamers.

Yet despite everything Disney has done to the fans. Despite how they besmirched the name of the fandom Menace and lied purfusely about and to fans and George Lucas himself. The Fandom Menaces still defends J.J. Abrams against these loons.

Funny isn’t it, how Gamergate, the fandom Menace, geeks and gamers everywhere have always demonstrated greater decency than those we oppose, yet are besmirched as villains.

There will likely be no coverage of these death threats in the main stream media. A media that was all to run with the false narrative of fans harassing Kelly Marie Tran off Social Media despite her saying she was leaving because she wasn’t prepared to handle the pressures of being a star and her own cast calling her narrative of harassment pathetic.

Raging Golden Eagle famously says the Geek/Gamer community didn’t have a toxicity problem ’till these wankers arrived. When we said “hell no” we don’t want them here they don’t game, they don’t share our sensibilities, and they’re vile horrible people. We were told we had to invite them in with open arms. Corporations viewed them as easy money, and now we’re all suffering the effects of their toxicity.

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