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Next BioShock Game Is Several Years Away From Release, Says 2K

With job listings containing blatant social justice politics as the ones running the company, it looks like Cloud Chamber isn’t in the market to release the next installment in the BioShock series anytime soon. According to Take-Two’s recent earnings report, 2K will reportedly ship the forthcoming Bioshock game that is currently in the works in the next several years.

We’ve previously reported that the next BioShock game isn’t due out this year. In other words, expect the game to have a promotional campaign sometime in 2021 with actual information and gameplay footage popping up throughout 2022.

Falling in line with our previous sentiment comes info from Take-Two during the company’s earnings report for the third quarter. In the report, we learn that the next game with all signs pointing to the “get woke, go broke” master list will release in the next “several years”:

“Revealed in a recent third-quarter earnings report from Take-Two, 2K was incredibly open about the state of the newest game in the BioShock series and when fans could expect to see it. Discussing the decision to create the team behind the fourth game in the franchise, the publisher noted that, “Cloud Chamber has started to work on the next iteration of the globally acclaimed BioShock franchise, which will be in development for the next several years.””

The above information comes from GameRant, which covers the upcoming game’s launch window and development stage.

On the topic of the next title’s development, this makes sense that it wouldn’t release right away, given that many positions on call for senior developers. In most cases, when many senior positions pop up, it means a lot of work must be done before said product can hit store shelves or the digital scene.

Anyway, gamers and fans wondering what BioShock 4 has to offer can expect a “rich story” filled to the brim with social justice and anti-gamer rhetoric if the job listing descriptions hold any weight.

Lastly, with this game set to go live in the next several years, expect it to debut across PC, PS5, and the Xbox Series X.

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