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1559530cookie-checkA Certain Scientific Railgun T Will Resume Airing On February 28th

A Certain Scientific Railgun T Will Resume Airing On February 28th

After announcing last week on February 17th that the originally scheduled airing of the seventh episode of A Certain Scientific Railgun T was going to be postponed from its February 21st airing, there was an update on February 22nd, 2020 indicating that the seventh episode of the series will resume airing on February 28th, 2020.

The news was shared in English by the A.I.R., Twitter account, which linked to the TV guide schedule that showed that the seventh episode will begin airing on Japanese broadcasts starting February 28th.

Originally the episode airing was postponed and a rerun of the previous episodes were scheduled when the committee explained that due to the coronavirus the episode would be delayed due to the quarantines taking place.

It appears as if either Japan is lifting its quarantines, or perhaps the situation in China has changed where the quarantine influencing the outsourcing companies may have changed.

It’s unclear exactly why the postponement was lifted or why the show will now resume.

I assume most fans are just happy that one of the shows that were affected by the coronavirus is now back to its regularly scheduled program… unless of course they have a follow-up announcement revealing that the season will be further disrupted by the quarantine.

Most people are just happy that the series is returning and that the delay wasn’t indefinite, which is what was led on by the original announcement that the committee had made last week.

Those of you who stream the show can look for the latest episode to go live starting February 28th, in case it hasn’t been repeated enough already.

(Thanks for the news tip Guardian EvaUnit02)

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