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Birds of Prey Already Going Broke

Sometimes I wish I could be there for the decision making meetings for some of these woke movies. Birds of Prey especially, as you have Warner taking their character that is their primary marketing force aimed at little girls and turning her into a man-hating feminist in both the cartoon and Birds of Prey movie.

With the rise of the traditionalism fad amongst women, who in their right mind greenlights turning their top female character into a man-hating feminist? That because she gets dumped forms a team of other man-haters and goes around seriously maiming and killing men? Like there’s woke and then there’s someone’s blatant revenge fantasy.

No surprise when several outlets start reporting no one is buying tickets for this “heavily rated R” movie. That’s barely an exaggeration as Cosmic Book News reports on the Thursday early screening only 5 people had purchased tickets.

This was later confirmed to be the same case in LA, New York, and a slew of other cities.

As the story continued to expand Twitter users from around the world began showing how the movie was dead on arrival internationally as well.

Following up on the story, Cosmic Book News discusses how an insider confirmed to them that no tickets are being sold in the heart of wokeness: Los Angeles. Claiming quote: “All the local theaters are dead in the water with pre-sale tickets. There are literally showings with zero tickets sold.”

Right now a slew of the usual suspects are claiming the movie is performing extremely well on applications that barely existed when Suicide Squad was in theaters. A strange hill to die on considering Warner Brothers doesn’t have the financial power to buy up tickets as Disney is accused of. When this movie launches it’s going to launch as a hard dud leaving these same journalists to explain how a movie that was “tracking well” suddenly flopped worse than Charlie’s Angels.

Predictably it will not be this movie’s bad script, nor garbage tier action sequences. No gentlemen and ladies wearing obviously fake beards, this movie failed because, wait for it, the evil Patriarchy! That funded, developed, advertised, and employed these same hacks to promote it, set about destroying that which they created.

Alternative explanations will be a cadre of DC Universe never does good; Suicide Stigma followed this movie; the hard R rating turned away younger audiences (even though Deadpool killed at the box office); and anything else they can think of to not have to avoid admitting turning Quinn into an anti-male feminist was a bad idea.

This was to be expected, though.

What is interesting is how Warner will wash the feminist stink that will mar the character’s marketability going forward. After running a cartoon show and a movie with her being hard-line feminist, Quinn’s image and popularity are never going to reach 2016 levels of popularity or relevance again.

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