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1562450cookie-checkHypercharge: Unboxed, 4-Player Co-op FPS Tower Defense Game Now Available For Switch

Hypercharge: Unboxed, 4-Player Co-op FPS Tower Defense Game Now Available For Switch

Need a little cooperative pick-me-up to help you burn some time over the weekend or rack up some fun-time points with friends? Well, Digital Cybercherries has a neat little first-person tower defense game that’s currently available for the Nintendo Switch right now called Hypercharge: Unboxed.

This mixed-genre cooperative title features both online and local four-player split-screen gameplay, where players can customize their character, select their defenses and assume the role of the indomitable Sgt. Max Ammo as you fend off 10 different levels from a number of enemies. There’s even a single-player mode available for those of you who hate playing with other people.

The story is pretty simple. Sgt. Ammo is given one mission: defend the Hyper-Core at all costs. You’ll need to prevent the Hyper-Core from being destroyed otherwise reality will be wiped out as you know it.

The hook for the game is that Sgt. Max Ammo and his fellow comrades in arms are all toys!

You can check out the launch trailer below to get a glimpse at what the gameplay is like.

As you can see the game is like a mix of Army Men and Call of Duty with a splash of Plants Vs Zombies.

You’ll have a number of masculine toys at your disposal based on popular boy toys, such as Nerf guns, Super Soakers, LEGOs, and K’NEX. However, instead of firing rubbery bolts or foam suction cups, you’ll be firing deadly rounds of munitions designed to put an end to the undead, violent uprisings, and killer robots.

To help aid you in your miniature fight in large scale environments are 30 different buildables you can unlock along the way.

Hypercharge Unboxed - Nintendo Switch

I love the visuals of the game, and it’s always cool when someone takes a concept like Small Soldiers and turns it into a viable, action-packed gaming experience. The cherry on top is the four-player cooperative mode, which makes it that much more entertaining.

You can pick up a digital copy of Hypercharge: unboxed for just $19.99 from over on the Nintendo eShop.

If they have a boxed copy of this game then it’s a definite must-buy!

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