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Project Aether: First Contact, 3D SHMUP Now Available On Steam

Sleepy Spider Studios’ 3D shoot-e’m-up Project Aether recently launched on Steam for PC. The game is a story-centric take on the arcade shooter, and you can grab a digital copy right now for only $14.99. However, during the first week of release you can get your hands on it for 15% off the normal price for only $11.04.

The story centers around the prototype Aether mech, which is deployed as a lone savior against a galactic threat that comes from beyond.

Players will have to battle through hordes of enemies using the Aether mech across nine different levels, each with its own boss to face off against.

Players will have 3D movement at their disposal, capable of weaving in between, around, and through enemies and their projectile fire.

The Aether unit also enables the use of both projectiles and up-close melee attacks. You’ll also be able to alter your arsenal throughout the game with a variety of different weapons and upgrades.

Visually the game looks intriguing and the combat reminds me a lot of a 3D version of Psikyo’s highly underrated Saturn outing Sol Divide.

However, the one thing that seems like an instant turn-off is the female protagonist.

Yet another strong, independent woman who “don’t need no man” is the kind of vibe I was picking up during the trailer. I could be completely wrong about my assessment, but nearly every single non-Asian made game featuring a female protagonist in recent times has turned out to be some sort of subversive element to promote a Leftist agenda.

I don’t know if Project Aether: First Contact is yet another agitprop-laden game masquerading as interactive entertainment or if it’s an actual game with proper mechanics and fun resting at the heart of the experience.

Someone less jaded than I can give the game a try to see if it contains any politically pozzed material, but I’m steering clear for now. If you want to learn more you can visit the Steam store page.

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