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Remedy’s Diverse Team Is Working On Multiple Games And Projects

According to Remedy Entertainment (or just Remedy), the company is working on multiple projects as we speak that consist of a new game, a campaign for a multiplayer shooter, and two DLCs for the dying game that is Control. All of this is being done by Remedy’s diverse team.

That’s correct, over 200 people head up Remedy. And according to the company’s official website, the team makes it known that its diversity quota spans over 25 nationalities, which explains why Controls optimization and sales at launch day were abysmal:

“Remedy’s diverse team of 200 people and over 25 nationalities is located in a privately housed studio building.


Time at the studio doesn’t have to be all work and no play. If you feel like it, you can take part in our movie and game nights, wellbeing afternoons or any of the various social activities Remedy employees organize with the support of the company.”

Well, if you thought Remedy was done with Control’s diversity input — which saw the team exclude males from Control’s first streams for the sake of “gender equality” and buttering up to ResetEra — then it seems like there’s more to come if the above job description holds any weight.

According to website, out of the 200 diverse devs working at Remedy, 20 are helping out on an unannounced game where development “is proceeding well.” It’ll likely debut on next-gen consoles.

Also, the site notes that Remedy is working on a new live-service multiplayer project, codenamed Vanguard, with around 15 people working on this mystery title.

It is also said that Vanguard’s goal is to mix a “long-term” multiplayer experience with Remedy’s “unique vision.”

Furthermore, we learn that Crossfire X — the Xbox One version of Crossfire — has SmileGate working on the first-person shooter alongside Remedy. The latter name is helping the South Korean company by managing the single-player campaign for the competitive FPS title.

And lastly, the publication site highlights that Remedy will release two paid expansions for the woke game Control later this year, which consists of the “Foundation” and “Awe.”

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