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Avalanche Studios Rebrands and Teases A New Game

Avalanche Studios’ last few years have not been what can be called successful. Rage 2 developed in concert with  id Software went on to sell a quarter of the volume the original game pulled in, according to Forbes. Generation Zero, developed by Systemic Worlds one of their subsidiaries, went on to be known more for its controversial similarity to the artworks of Simon Stålenhag than for being a quality product. Just Cause 4 sold so poorly it failed to recoup its development cost (page 3). Leaving the once-beloved albeit flawed developer a shell of their former glory.

The Hunter developed by Emote Games, the third company in the Avalanche family is the only game to have actually done well. Gaining popularity from streamers and possessing a decent reception, it has gone on to generate decent sales, though no actual figures are available.

While it cannot be proven this has led Avalanche to rebranding, it is without a doubt a contributing factor. Now all companies will publish under the unifying name Avalanche Studios Group, but according to IGN each studio will continue to function independently pursuing their own goals.

Avalanche Studios will continue to focus on AAA experiences, of which it has failed to deliver on as of late. Emote will continue producing titles in The Hunter series and focus its development squarely on the series. Beyond Systemic Worlds, the developer responsible for Generation Zero will continue to function as an independent wing with a new game in development that has recently been teased.

Comments aren’t exactly brimming with confidence as consumers express their skepticism following the lackluster state Generation Zero was launched and still remains in.

It is important to note that Avalanche is not a publicly-traded company after its acquisition in 2018 by Danish entertainment company Nordisk Film. Specializing in film, they saw the acquisition as a means to expand into the gaming sector. Nordisk Film is in turn owned by Egmont Group, which owns a series of subsidiaries in entertainment, literature, magazines, and television. It is also a company controlled by big finance.

With hope, the rebranding will see Avalanche depart from interjecting progressive politics into their games and return to making over-the-top action games they originally became known for. Though as they say, spit in one and wish in the other.

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