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Bioware To Revive One Of Its “Prestigious Franchises” Next-Gen, Says Report

Bioware has been in the news for all the wrong reasons as of late. With Anthem flopping hard and many familiar faces leaving the company to start up indie studios that “aren’t too corporate,” it wouldn’t be wrong to think that the EA owned subsidiary has a grim future ahead. However, it looks like next-gen will bring fans of Bioware a “prestigious franchise” according to a new report.

If you are a fan of Bioware’s old catalog of games, it looks like you might see something from that era resurface next-gen. Now, whether this new game from the past will be something to write home about is another topic in and of itself — given that the company’s recent work isn’t doing well.

With all of that said, has found a new job listing on containing the following message on the technical director’s page:

“You will be the most senior engineering lead on the next major title in one of BioWare’s most prestigious franchises, and a contributing leader to BioWare studio strategy. You will partner with the other disciplines to build the technology and the programming team to deliver amazing player experiences.”

The website in question notes that Bioware’s job listing suggests that the devs are looking to revitalize one of “their reputable game franchises for the modern era of gaming.”

Later, the publication site runs through a list of ideas that EA and BioWare might consider doing like bringing back Mass Effect after Mass Effect: Andromeda went broke in 2017.

The thing is, though, this new game of old could be anything from Jade Empire to Shattered Steel or something like MDK2. Also, EA and Bioware could attempt to bring back another IP like Star Wars: Knight of the Old Republic.

Although this next-gen game will likely release on PC via Origin and maybe other platforms like PS5 and Xbox Series X, how woke do you think it will be, and what do you think it is? In the meantime, Bioware is reinventing Anthem as we speak.

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