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DOOM Eternal Gameplay Walkthrough

With id Software and Bethesda’s DOOM: Eternal now out in the wild, some people are getting a taste of what the gameplay is like while others are having a bit of trouble with it. No worries, though. Whether you purchased the game on Nintendo Switch, PC, or the Xbox One or PS4, there is a walkthrough available that covers the game from start to finish.

YouTuber MKIceandFire covered the game across a full 15 video playlist, featuring a playthrough that clocks in at just over 10 hours. You can check it out below.

Once you select the Campaign Mode you’ll be able to select from the following difficulties:

  • I’m Too Young To Die
  • Hurt Me Plenty
  • Ultra Violence
  • Nightmare

There are two additional modes:

  • Ultra-Nightmare
  • Extra Life Mode.

Now Ultra-Nightmare is a one-and-done deal where if you screw up you’re dead for good. The permadeath feature will also leave a market showcasing how far you got before you bit the dust.

The game starts with Hell on Earth, much like the original DOOM 2 from back in the 1990s.

The intro sequence features Mick Gordon’s remix of the E1M1 theme as the Doom Guy puts on his testosterone and proceeds to dispense unholy masculinity on every hell spawn that made the mistake of setting hoof on Earth.

DOOM Eternal - Doom Slayer

There’s a brief tutorial teaching you how to play; how to perform Glory Kills, how to chainsaw and how to refuel it.

Follow the linear pathway through the level until you reach the first arena segment after acquiring the combat shotgun mod.

Proceed to dispense of the mortally challenged interlopers by making short work of their decayed flesh with your pump-action shotgun and explosive trigger finger.

Once you get rid of all the enemies in the area, proceed to Deag Nilox’s chambers.

The Doom Guy will make short work of the Hell Priest, and you’ll then need to locate and kill the other two. Travel below the Hell Priest building and bust through the wall.

You can make your way around the crashed shuttle and double jump across the pole to reach your first encounter with the Arachnatron.

If you selected the grenade launcher for the combat shotgun then you’ll be able to make short work of the brainy quadrupedal menace and its minions.

Grab the fuel and shotgun shells along with the armor.

Be sure to also blast and melee weak enemies to get extra supplies out of them instead of wasting all your ammo killing the zombies.

The game is meant to be played with alternating attacks so you avoid completely running out of supplies. Use a few shots until the enemies glow and then Glory Kill them.

DOOM Eternal - Hell Priest Deag Nilox

Make your way up through the dilapidated buildings, and head back outside through the second floor of one of the buildings and you’ll find a bunch of enemies down below.

Be sure to save your grenades for the Arachnatron otherwise it can reduce your life really quickly. Aim at its cannon to blow it out of commission and severely weaken it.

Go inside the building and melee the wall to access the next segment.

Head up the building and grab the Yellow Key Card, this will grant you access to the subway terminal.

Navigate through the subway and dodge the fusion cannons.

You’ll also find a new upgrade module for the heavy cannon or combat shotgun.

Make your way through the subway and you’ll access the frag grenade, which is basically a Predator’s shoulder-cannon.

Proceed through the terminal and there’s another arena sequence.

Fight through the enemies and then make your way to the Citadel.

DOOM Eternal - Damaged Mech

Make your way around the ledge toward the incline where you have to jump and climb up the rock face to get inside of the damaged subway.

Head into the terminal and there’s another arena fight you’ll need to battle your way through.

Careful here because the Arachnatron can wreck you hard if you aren’t careful, so be sure to take it out first and foremost.

Once you get outside you’ll find an extra life just on the cliff side leading toward another group of enemies and an Arachnatron.

Take out the enemies and make your way toward the citadel gates.

DOOM Eternal - Hell Priests


A cinematic will play and then you’ll have access to the next stage.

The beginning part will have you doing some Prince of Persia wall climbing.

Traverse across the platforms until you reach inside the first citadel and then proceed to the courtyard where you’ll face off against your first Hell Knight.

You’ll also unlock the Blood Punch after dispensing of the Hell Knight. The Blood Punch will allow you to instantly kill multiple enemies with a single melee attack.

You’ll also gain access to your first Rune, which will allow you to equip up to three Runes once you’ve unlocked all the equipment slots.

Head down into the pit and kill off the Hell Knight. Be sure to save your chainsaw ammo for Hell Knights because the chainsaw can kill them quickly. If you have three cans of gas then you can kill them instantly.

DOOM Eternal - Citadel

Proceed across the bridge and let Mick Gordon’s soundtrack fuel your rage as you begin commencing your skills into a baptism of ripping and tearing every foul beast that trots across the ruins of the citadel.

Head outside and across the chasm toward the platform with the Sentinel statue.

Proceed into the room with the platform grinder and go up to the second floor where you’ll find a new codex entry and some melee panels you’ll need to destroy.

This will unlock the dash function, which you can use both on the ground and in the air.

Use the air dash to get across to the platform just outside of the grinder and enter into King Novik’s quarters. A short cinematic will play.

DOOM Eternal - Penance

Exit the king’s quarters and you’ll be subject to another arena battle. From here you’ll need to traverse across the electric floor and grab the ship battery.

If you make your way across the platform outside you’ll engage in a secret encounter.

From there you’ll need to make your way to the portal gate, which will lead you to your first encounter with the Revenant.

You can use the heavy machine gun to snipe off the shoulder cannons on the Revenant to weaken it, or you can use the plasma rifle to blast the ever-hating crap out of that walking skeleton.

Head down into the guts of the flesh pit and you’ll find an automap there, along with a weapon mod and a 1up.

Grab the power core and use it on the Doom Guy Mech to open the path.

DOOM Eternal - Mech

Sadly we don’t get to see the full weight of the mech, but from there you’ll need to traverse across the ruins and use the highlighted plate markings to open the door. Simply stand on each of the green glowing plates until you reach the door and it opens into the next area.

It might be wise to snipe what enemies you can from above before engaging them down below.

Let Mick Gordon’s soundtrack wash over your soul as you unleash the great wrath of justice on all the unclean abominations that taint the land.

DOOM Eternal - At Doom's Gate

Make your way up the platform and grab the dash refill, which will then lead you to another wall that will lead you to the power core that you’ll need to charge up the mech’s spear.

The power core will activate a spear that will pierce into the foul flesh of the demon – tread across the tip of the spear and proceed through the guts of the tainted beast to reach the other side.

Another arena battle will commence. Avoid the spinning flames and gather what supplies you can before proceeding to the next area.

Clear out the enemies; use a melee on the box to knock it over to the titan; use the box to leap across the protruding bone and climb up the titan and grab the power core. Use the power to power up the mech’s cannon and head inside the titan. You’ll find a Sentinel crystal inside that you can use to upgrade your gear.

Proceed down the platforms and across the lake of fire.

You’ll have to act fast because the platforms will fall if you stay on them for too long.

Take out the Cacodemons and then make your way into the cave.

Clear out the demons and you have the option of acquiring a Slayer Key and battling lots of demons in an unbridled, rock, ripping, and righteous experience that is an all-out gore fest.

DOOM Eternal - Betrayer

If you complete the challenge you’ll unlock one of six Empyrean Keys, which you can then use to unlock the Maykr.

Continuing on, the Doom Guy will meet the Betrayer who left the Argent warriors scattered across the hellscape of time and space. He chose exile in his vain attempt to resurrect his son.

Doom Guy gets the a gift from the Betrayer, formerly known as Commander Valen, as well as the restoration for the celestial locater.

Head back across the floating platforms toward the exit portal.

When you reach the shores of Hell, dispense of all who stand in your way with the fury of a thousand suns and the might of Goliath.

Proceed through the portal when you’re done ripping and tearing to complete the level.

After you put the celestial locator back inside the ship’s navigation system, head to the central power station to place the battery inside to restore power to other parts of the ship.

You can visit the Ripatorium to practice with or test out your equipment, as well as use the sentinel crystals to upgrade your Praetor Suit.

DOOM Eternal – Upgrades

Cultist Base

After restoring the Celestial Locator, you’ll then need to infiltrate the cultists base and locate the other Hell Priest.

Proceed through the corridor. Head off the spiny ridge and toward the blue jump pad then scale the wall and proceed to take out the enemies on the opposite side of the platform.

There’s a 1up just below the platform where the cultists are located. Shoot the mines around the fish and the 1up will be uncovered.

Head up the ramp and destroy the ice block to go inside the area where the demon skull is suspended from the ceiling. There’s a toy you can grab.

Just outside of the area there’s another platform along the cliff ridge. Go across the platform and hit the switch to unlock the gate.

Proceed inside the structure and take out the enemies until the Hell Priest sends more enemies your way.

Take out the quartet of Mancubus and then head outside. Shoot the green switch and then jump-dash to the wall and climb up.

Take out all of the enemies, and then shoot the green plate on the right side of the platform to unlock the pathway that will open up the gate for the 1up.

Once inside, proceed through the gate and grab the cultist key to and proceed to take out all of the demons in the corridor.

Make your way back outside and take down the grunts with the enemy shields. You’ll have to scale the wall and make your way to the platform with the armor on it. Jump down and use the blue jump pad to open the gate and get your hands on the rocket launcher.

After you clear out the enemies in the arena, go inside the room, flip the switch, scale up the wall, and you’ll find a Sentinel Crystal at the top of one of the platforms.

DOOM Eternal - New World

Make your way back to the arena area with the locked cultist gate and take out all of the demons. Stand on the platform to open the gate and proceed to the next segment.

Head inside. Use the melee to smash the block and then use the melee to knock down the switches to open the gate.

If you shoot the mine suspended on the wall and use melee on the cracked wall to the right, you can gain access to another Sentinel point.

There’s another arena battle where you have to clear out the enemies before you can proceed. Once you do, you’ll need to take out the Cacodemons and then head into the inner chamber.

Kill the enemies and take the lift to the next location. Use the melee on the structure to open the door to the super shotgun, but you’ll need to head down into a pit to fit a horde of demons before you can proceed.

Once you clear out the enemies the floor will raise. You can access the automap just around the corner and then head down into the corridor with the bloody electric floor. Jump-dash across the floor to reach the wall, climb up, press the switch and then access the relic.

There’s also a secret encounter in one of the doors that you can complete. Make your way into the room with the floors that raise and lower.

Head into the piston platforms and stand there and they will take you down to a lower level where there’s a Praetor Suit point in the corner on the left hand side.

Head up the platform, use the melee on the switch and then use the bar to swing up to the wall where you need to climb up. In the next segment it’s another arena battle that you’ll need to battle through briefly. You’ll also find a Sentinel battery through one of the lifts.

Head through the back to the main hallway and then use the double-jump dash across the bloody floor to reach the drone station.

DOOM Eternal - Betty

Use the Revenant to kill the enemies and retrieve the super shotgun from the platform.

Take the shotgun, kill Betty, hop on the platform and then open up each of the chambers to kill all of the demons located inside.

Follow the pathway up to the lift, which will take you to the cultist chamber.

You’ll need to jump dash your way around the to activate the scull switch and then use the blue flaming launch pad to hop on top of the rotating monolith.

There’s a Sentinel point in one of the rooms. Grab it and then proceed to climb the cylinders in the next area to reach the next area.

Proceed through the viscera gore room and you’ll find another collectible from DOOM II.

Stand on the platform and shoot the green switch to ride the platform to the top.

There’s another short arena segment you’ll need to fight through and a switch you’ll need to press.

Activate the other platform to open the door and fight some more zombies.

Use the cultist key to open the door, kill some more demons and this will activate the green glowing platform that you can use to open the door.

DOOM Eternal - Puzzle

Head around to the back of the statue and use the bar to swing up to the wall; dash-double jump to the wall on the opposite side of the room and then head over to the box to knock it off the platform.

This will open up a jump portal that you can use to get across the severed body of the demon.

Take the platform to the next segment and grab the Praetor Suit point in the corner.

Head outside and there’s another lengthy arena fight you’ll have to encounter.

From there lift plate will activate. Step on it and then activate the skull switch to complete the Cultist Base.

DOOM Hunter Base

You’ll ride a platform toward the Doom Hunter’s base.

Kill all the enemies and then bust open the switch at the front of the lift. This will take you to the facility where you’ll have to hunt down the Hell Priest and his guardian.

Follow the platforming pathway across the forge until you reach the next area.

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