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1558230cookie-checkJack Dorsey Struggles To Keep Control Of Company Amidst a Hostile Takeover
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Jack Dorsey Struggles To Keep Control Of Company Amidst a Hostile Takeover

If you’re right of center or if Silicon Valley believes you are of such political orientation then you are well aware of the various shenanigans social media pulls. When you are not being threatened with outright being no-platformed you are keenly aware your unrealistically small or diminishing number of interactions indicate you have been put in a limited state. A genius tactic where you are not outright blacklisted, but at the same time do not frequently show up in other people’s feed.

All while this is occurring users are told by the likes of Jack Dorsey how conservatives, libertarians, right-leaning authoritarians, and anyone without Trump Derangement Syndrome are not being persecuted, but if we are it is the yet another rogue employee and not the company themselves who are responsible. As a result, when Bloomberg reports one of the Republican party’s largest donors, Paul Singer, has purchased a significant, yet undisclosed amount of Twitter’s outstanding shares and is looking to oust Dorsey from the company you aren’t going to see many crying eyes.

Through his investment firm, Elliott Management Corp Singer acquired a significant portion of Twitter. Though the exact amount is undisclosed it was enough to allow him to nominate four of his people for Twitter’s executive board’s three vacancies, while being able to potentially replace a fourth if they opt to stand down.

His public goal is to replace Dorsey, but understand this is just a sleight of hand. Yes publicly it is always good to produce a scalp, a symbol of your conquest, but behind the scenes is where the real changes are unfolding. As Elliot looks to change how the company functions. As Singer has in the past abandoned the Never Trumpers to join the Pro-Trump side of the Republican Party we can expect at the bare minimum a beginning of equal enforcement of the rules on Twitter in the coming months even if Dorsey is not ousted immediately.

Centralists and detractors will argue there is nothing to see here, but Singer has a long and sordid history of successfully hijacking companies. That he has set his eyes on Twitter either ends in the platforms restructuring or the acceleration of social media’s collapse. Either way, it appears the kid gloves are off in the culture war as big money has begun throwing their weight around.

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