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1551800cookie-checkOPM UK Magazine Apologizes For Printing “Inaccuracies” On Ghost of Tsushima

OPM UK Magazine Apologizes For Printing “Inaccuracies” On Ghost of Tsushima

After the latest apology from OPM UK regarding “inaccuracies” on Ghost of Tsushima in the March and May magazine issues, it looks like a lot of people are questioning whether or not Sony and Sucker Punch Productions have other plans for the PS4 game.

To clarify the situation, the OPM UK issues out magazines, and in the March cover story and May 2020 article, the outlet touched on Ghost of Tsushima. However, the two pieces on the forthcoming PS4 game contain “inaccuracies” from an interview back in 2018.

These unspecified “inaccuracies” could and still can cause “confusion” as per the OPM UK, as explained in the following tweets:

Although the inaccuracies were never detailed by the outlet, it is believed that the inaccuracies revolve around Ghost of Tsushima‘s June 26th, 2020, release date and the game not having waypoints.

There’s no validity behind the waypoint feature being an inaccuracy. However, there is some weight behind the new claim that the release date is no longer set for late June.

According to website, we learn that on PlayStation Canada‘s website, the game will supposedly launch on August 1st, 2020. The reason for the delay as per the site is due to coronavirus measures.

The website in question also notes that the August 1st date has been “hastily replaced” with the June 26th, 2020, release date — meaning that the former date is replaced by the latter as of this writing.

With all of that said, we might find out soon what OPM UK’s inaccuracies are regarding Ghost of Tsushima in the March and May issues, but until then, multiple websites are speculating that the PS4 game may have faced a delay.

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