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Hardspace: Shipbreaker Video Previews Laser Cutters And Explosive Ship Parts

Focus Home Interactive and Blackbird Interactive rolled out a brand new gameplay video for their upcoming science fiction simulator, Hardspace: Shipbreaker. The gameplay overview gives you a look at some of the equipment you’ll be using, and some of the challenges you’ll be facing as you deconstruct and strip apart derelict ships in zero gravity space.

The four minute video outlines the basic gist of the game, which centers around a contract worker indebted to a corporation called Lynx Corporation. Your job, as a salvager, is to use your tools to break apart ship components and sell them for dosh.

You can check out the four minute overview video below to get an idea of what the gameplay is like.

The basic gameplay revolves around using your scanner to find out what can be plied, pried, or fried apart and what could potentially end up being hazardous to your health.

You’ll need to carefully deconstruct the parts of the ship that are safe to dismantle, and then salvage those parts for the cash while avoiding explosive material, atmospherically unstable compartments, or unstable electrical components.

You can use the grapple tool to pull yourself close to large objects, or use the grapple tool to pull apart light or small objects such as antennas or loose panels.

Much like Dead Space, you also have a laser cutter with two different types of cutting that allow you to use precision cutting or wide cutting. However, the wide cutter can very easily result in you damaging a vital part.

There’s a fine balance between quickly trying to cut through the ship to get to the goodies and not dismantling parts too quickly and causing catastrophic damage.

The game appears to have a fine balance of risk/reward factors in play, and it’s nice to see a developer step outside the box with something unique like Hadrspace: Shipbreaker. The game is set to release on June 16th in Early Access over on the Steam store.

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