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Hide Or Die, Asymmetric Horror Game With Parkour Launches On Steam

VecFour Digital’s asymmetric multiplayer horror game, Hide or Die, has finally completed development and is now available for purchase as a full product, replete with a free season pass. The game sees up to three players battling against a hunter who is intent on killing them. The four survivors must work together utilize traps and attempt to escape from a variety of dangerous locations.

Unlike other asymmetric horror games out there, Hide or Die isn’t just about hiding and trying to avoid any sort of confrontations with the enemy. They encourage you to go on the offensive using whatever kind of contraptions or weapons you can find.

If you’re good enough you can put down and keep down enemies long enough to make a daring escape and win the round.

You can get a glimpse of what the gameplay is like with the trailer below.

The game features four playable hunters, each with their own unique skills and abilities. One uses dual knives to carve out his victims from their gut to their gullet, while another smashes his victims to from pulse to pulp, and the last pierces his unfortunate targets from skin to sinew. T

According to the Steam page, the developers have plans on extending the content of Hide or Die, adding more hunters and customization throughout the year. There are already three new hunters in development.

Right now there are only three maps to play on but those will also be extended in time.

For now players have the ability to create their own character and unlock new customization parts as they progress through the game and successfully win matches.

Some people have been wondering what the hook is for Hide or Die or what makes it different from Dead By Daylight. Basically it’s that on the survivor side you have access to parkour-like abilities; you can run, slide, jump, duck, and leap over objects both horizontally and vertically.

The idea is that what the survivors lack in firepower they can make up for it with agility.

I don’t know if that feature is enough (or the promise of free updates) to keep an audience attached to Hide or Die, but if you were interested in yet another asymmetrical multiplayer horror game, you can check it out over on the Steam store page for $19.99. During the first week of release it’s discounted by 25% off so you can nab a copy for only $14.99.

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