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1550180cookie-checkLana Wachowski’s The Matrix 4 Will Return “With A Vengeance,” As Per John Wick Directors

Lana Wachowski’s The Matrix 4 Will Return “With A Vengeance,” As Per John Wick Directors

In a recent interview, Chad Stahelski and David Leitch revealed that they’re helping out with Lana Wachowski‘s The Matrix 4. The two stunt choreographers now turned directors claim that the fourth installment in the Matrix chronicles will make a comeback with a “vengeance.”

To be honest here, I’m not expecting this new Matrix movie to be noteworthy — especially given that Lana Wachowski is forcefully directing the fourth film, but I digress.

With that said, a recent interview that website has up outlines what Stahelski and Leitch’s involvement has to do with the next Matrix film.

If you don’t know, Stahelski and Leitch helped with the stunts on the original Matrix trilogy before the two went off helping with projects such as Deadpool 2, Hobbs and Shaw, and the John Wick franchise.

After having worked on a list of films before returning back to the Matrix, Stahelski and Leitch aren’t going to fulfill their previous roles to the “T.” As for their specific roles, Stahelski made mention that work is mostly “conceptual” as opposed to a “full-on second unit position.”

In addition to the above, the website notes that Lana Wachowski prefers to direct “her own action” sequences rather than let other people take over directly.

Although Leitch stayed silent throughout the interview, Stahelski spoke up about the whole situation, as detailed below:

“It’s more about the creative concept of some of the choreography and backing them up with stuff. Other than the Matrixes, most of their stuff…what makes [Lana] so great is she directs her own action. We’ve had second unit directors on some of the Matrixes just because of the logistics involved. But of late, and especially on Matrix 4, she’s directing her own action. The second units for them are mostly establishing shots, the B-sides on some of the compositions for some locations. But Lana, she does her own action. She weaves it into the main unit stuff, which is why their stuff looks so good.”

Stahelski continues and talks about working with the crew again, and finishing up work before the current pandemic struck:

“They [the crew] asked us to help out with the choreography and some of the physical training for the guys. I’m helping out a little bit for a sequence, I think [Leitch is] helping out for a sequence. Lana’s come back with a lot of love to have a pseudo-family reunion, so that’s been a lot of fun. It’s been good to see a lot of the crew members again. We just finished doing a sequence in San Francisco before the pandemic started.”

While Leitch stayed silent throughout the whole interview, Stahelski concludes that fans of the original trilogy will like Lana Wachowski’s work since it’s coming back with a vengeance:

“It’s definitely, from what I know of it, it’s incredibly fun. I think if you’re a fan of the original trilogy you’re gonna love this. Coming back with a vengeance.”

Lastly, Warner Bros. had shut down production on The Matrix 4 due to COVID-19, meaning that work in Berlin has ceased ever since March 16th, 2020.

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