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18 May 2020

Total Extreme Wrestling 2020 Now Available For PC

Grey Dog Software’s premiere wrestling simulator for [current year], Total Extreme Wrestling 2020, is currently available right now both in digital and retail format on PC. You can pick up a copy of the game for just $34.95 or grab the demo from over on the Grey Dog Software download page.

The game allows you to build your very own wrestling empire from the ground up, recruiting wrestlers from small promotions with the hopes of turning them into global mega-stars.

You can setup advertising, organize live and televised events, pre-tape shows, book house shows, setup pay-per-views, and poach from rising organizations.

The features were also rolled out in a trailer announcing the availability of the game, which you can scope out below.

The simulator keeps things in-depth, like many that came before it. You have to manage the salary and contracts of your workers, ring crew and television deals, as well as grind through the challenge of building up wrestlers through developmental brands such as FCW or NXT, as well as upgrade and improve wrestlers over time by booking them correctly, chiding them in the right way, and giving them the right amount of exposure and matches.

Additionally, you can dip into the match booking to organize what sort of wrestling you cater to your audience, from gimmick matches and goofy characters, to shoot-style matches, to backyard deathmatches.

Total Extreme Wrestling 2020 comes with 250 brand new features in the latest outing, so just about everything you could want from a wrestling management simulator has made the cut.

It’s too bad it doesn’t contain the visual component like MDickie’s simulators, but it’s a resource-conservative outing made for systems as old as Windows XP only rocking 512MB of RAM.

If you’re curious about taking TEW 2020 for a spin, there’s a free demo you can download right now, or you can grab the full version from over on the official website.

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