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1472080cookie-checkUnannounced Titles To Be Revealed During Upcoming Inside Xbox Event
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Unannounced Titles To Be Revealed During Upcoming Inside Xbox Event

As of this moment, Microsoft has smooth sailing ahead for their upcoming next generational launch. Their chief competition in Sony is currently obliterating their standing in the creator community with their abuse of the copyright system. Before opting to commit optics seppuku Sony was already facing an uphill battle with their $500-550 console that was significantly underpowered and rumored to have performance along with overheating issues.

If Microsoft can muster the immense effort it will require for them to not virtue signal or somehow put their foot in their mouth. They will have a smooth and successful Holiday launch.

As previously reported Microsoft will be kicking off their marketing with next week’s Inside Xbox digital showcase. That will offer consumers the first look at some of the titles that will be on the Xbox Series X.

Now gaming insider shinobi602 has confirmed on notorious pedophilia associated ResetEra previously unannounced titles will enjoy the spotlight next week. their announcements next week. These will be mostly third party titles that Microsoft has secured either marketing or console exclusivity with. Such as Assassin’s Creed Valhalla which will have its gameplay debut during the event.


Those expecting Microsoft to announce a plethora of new first-party ties should curb their expectations. Shinobi602 also confirmed Microsoft is saving their first-party titles for their E3 event come June.


There are a plethora of third party candidates that could join next week’s show, but narrowing our options to companies with ties to Microsoft produces three possibilities. Volition, who has been teasing a new Saints Row game for some time. Capcom, who has two unannounced projects according to rumors (one being Resident Evil 8). Then there is Crytek who potentially could showcase their remastered Crysis. Beyond those, Microsoft will likely bring out announcements for games they will properly showcase come June.

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