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1474160cookie-checkWhat Happened, Polish Psychological Thriller Lands On Steam In July

What Happened, Polish Psychological Thriller Lands On Steam In July

Polish publisher Katnappe, and Polish developers Sourena Games and Genius Slackers, have a new psychological horror game in the works called What Happened. The game is set to arrive on PC via Steam this July. They also have plans on releasing the game later this year on home consoles, likely including the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

The announcement for the game came around the same time as Bloober Team announcing The Medium, another psychological horror game that’s due out for PC and the Xbox Series X.

I imagine if both companies continue to promote their games around the same time it might end up confusing some gamers, but What Happened will be releasing sooner than The Medium, so they might be able to get a leg up on cornering that segment of the horror market ahead of Bloober Team.

Anyway, they released a new minute and a half announcement trailer, featuring a reality-bending look at the main character apparently going through a psychotic episode.

It’s kind of hard to tell exactly what the actual game will be like based on that teaser trailer alone.

I mean, we know it takes place in a school and that there’s some Silent Hill-style reality warping going on, but it doesn’t really give us any details about the actual gameplay.

According to the press release players will take on the role of a student named Stiles as he battles with his demons, both real and imagined.

The allegory is about how cruelty seems to win out over empathy in our world, and it attempts to take a deep dive into the subject matter.

The actual gameplay will center around helping Stiles navigate the twisted halls of his mind.

Distorted corridors and grotesque imagery seem to propagate the majority of thoughts, and it’s up to players to solve puzzles and overcome pursuers while trying to unravel the mystery that seems to be eating away at the young lad.

The game has been in development for three years and is nearing completion at the moment. You’ll be bale to get your hands on the full version over on the Steam store starting this July, with a console version to release later this year.

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