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1479650cookie-checkFriends of Journalism Poll Fails Epically With Most People Preferring White Nationalism to Epic Games
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Friends of Journalism Poll Fails Epically With Most People Preferring White Nationalism to Epic Games

In 1965 Theodore H. White penned what would become one of Napoleon’s greatest quotes: Never interfere with the enemy when he is in the process of destroying himself. Right now is a pivotal moment in American history whose outcome will determine the fate not just of the nation, but western culture as a whole. Far be it for me to spoil their mistake then, but a certain degree of pointing and laughing is called for.

If you’ve missed it, currently Valve and their video game client Steam, among other targets, are experiencing a shakedown by activist groups. Either these companies capitulate and give into letting said groups be the arbiters of censorship, or they’re guilty of endorsing and promoting white nationalism.

If the average person has no other choice than White Nationalism or Riots, looting, and destruction of western culture, then the sane among them are going to choose White Nationalism. A fact Friends in Journalism discovered as they attempted to paint Steam as a White Nationalist platform after Epic came out in support of domestic terrorists.

A fact they were none to please to learn.

(screencaps in case the tweets are removed)




Rather than merely taking the poll down and calling everyone who voted in it a “Trollstm,” they opted instead to keep it up. Naturally, various internet personalities took to ridiculing or using it as an example of the current attack against the video game industry, resulting in Friends of Journalism threatening and sperging over the various posts.

I beg to differ. It is hilarious that when given a choice between domestic terrorists supporting Epic and White Nationalism, the left-leaning Twitter has opted for White Nationalism. Fortunately for African Americans, in order to join the White Nationalists, all they have to do is simply not vote for Biden. Then through a magical process of you not being useful to the left, you will be treated with the same vitriol and contempt they reserve for whites. Just ask Kanya West and Candice Owens.

Soon other users took to ridiculing the organization over their failed shakedown attempt.

Who would have guessed attempting to shake down an institution that makes so much money they couldn’t muster a care if they tried would end poorly? Let alone that calling everyone a white nationalist if they don’t agree to your demands would eventually not only lose its impact, but become a badge of honor. Especially after their side just torched a slew of cities that will economically never recover.

Beyond the current economic reality facing this nation, how long do these people believe they can continue to demonize and denigrate an entire race before even the most casual person puts their foot down and says, “Enough is enough.”

(Thanks for the tip Adam Huỳnh and Ruski)

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