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Godfall Gameplay Trailer Undermined By Awful Rap Music

If you hate rap music, don’t like Gearbox Software, and are tired of me-too clones of Soulsborne games, then Godfall‘s latest trailer will do everything but entice you to play the game. Gearbox and Counterplay Games rolled out the latest minute and a half long trailer during the PS5 reveal presentation, but it didn’t go down so well with gamers eager to get hyped about a game, not a collage of mentally taxing bass drops swirled into a latte of mumbling cacophony and dross.

The gameplay trailer reveals basically another hyper-stylized, medieval-fantasy game with hack-and-slash combat, outrageous weapons, and equally ridiculous armor.

There’s nothing new here you haven’t seen from a dozen other Korean MOBA-style hack-and-slash games for Android phones.

You can scope out the trailer below to see what I mean.

The worst tragedy of all is that a mediocre looking game comes across as even more unappealing due to the rap music.

The comment section was keen on pointing out Gearbox’s misstep, and they made it known with their downvotes.


Some choice comments also drove the point home: rap music for medieval-fantasy games is a no-no.


All that cool looking armor couldn’t keep right-minded people from exercising some common sense when it comes to tastes in music.

This is also what happens when you market your game based on focus group testing via the loud ramblings of what gets liked/retweeted by POCkers on Twitter.

Godfall - Unfortunately

Normal people don’t use Twitter; normal people don’t like Twitter; don’t put together marketing material based on the trappings of the mentally ill found on Twitter. Normal people don’t use Twitter to crowdsource their music preferences.

Anyway, I doubt Gearbox will learn their lesson given that the president of the company is on the Traitors of America list.

As for Godfall, the mediocre-looking affront to creative gaming is due for release during the holiday season for PS5 and PC.

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