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1482080cookie-checkSony Copyright Strikes Jeremy of Geeks and Gamers Twitter Account

Sony Copyright Strikes Jeremy of Geeks and Gamers Twitter Account

Let us deal with the elephant in the room before getting into the crux of this story. Some will inevitably argue it is unfair to say “Sony Copyright struck Jeremy’s Twitter Account” because MUSO did. Simply this is like saying the mafia isn’t responsible for what their commissioned goons do. It is an absurd claim. If Sony doesn’t like their name associated with this behavior, then they should call up their contracted partner MUSO and tell them to stop. Till then, MUSO’s actions are done on behalf of Sony, as Sony contracted them to be done, so Sony will be blamed for them.

With the elephant addressed, it’s time to deal with the crux of the issue. For those that have missed what is transpiring or haven’t followed the latest developments, here is a brief summary of what has lead to Jeremy of Geeks and Gamer’s having their Twitter account briefly taken down.

After a significant amount of footage and plot details were leaked for The Last of Us 2, Sony began engaging in a campaign of false and abusive copyright strikes against anyone and anything. These strikes were and still are executed by a third party contracted by Sony called MUSO. Angry Joe would go on to claim this was false, but Jeremy from Geeks and Gamers later demonstrated MUSO was indeed working for Sony.

Sony’s campaign of copyright abuses went on to target anything and everything involving the Last of Us 2. Including memes on Reddit and Twitter. It got so bad Sony DMCAed themselves.

Geeks and Gamers entered the situation with their coverage of the ongoing copyright abuse that afflicted their own channel. As many of the claims on YouTube are lifted, it appears Sony has turned to Twitter to exact retribution against their detractors as Jeremy’s personal twitter account was taken down for posting The Last of US 2 memes.

As of this writing, Geeks and Gamers’ company account is still up, but Jeremy’s personal account with over 22,000 followers at DDayCobra, was suspended for violating Twitter’s Rules. It is crucial to keep in mind the Supreme Court has ruled social media is the 21st-century public square, so the impact of having your account taken down is the equivalent of ex-communication or shunning in the old days.

—Spoiler Warning—

All of this is being done because Sony doesn’t want consumers to know the full scope of the woke content in The Last of Us 2. Content that involves Abby, the seemingly transgender daughter of the doctor from the first game, brutally murdering Joel after he saves her from a hoard of clickers. Followed by the game, forcing you to play as Abby for its duration. During which time, Ellie is portrayed as the villain.

Sony has become so fanatical about defending this game that they’ve forgotten the immediate and long term impact waging war against their consumers will have on their new console’s launch. A launch for an underpowered behemoth of a console. Good will is not something Sony can afford to waste at this juncture.

Right now, That Umbrella Guy (who is currently running a campaign for his latest comic ), The Quartering, and numerous other content creators are rallying around Geeks and Gamers over Sony’s abusive attacks. When this is over, and it will one day be over, these same content creators are not going to be too inclined to give favorable coverage to Sony. As such, Sony better hope their console launch is as smooth as the Fonz or they’re going to see every issue put under a microscope.

In the end, this was a poor hill to die on, but die on it they are.

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