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1485980cookie-checkParty Crasher Simulator Lets You Poison Food, Get Chicks Drunk And Bang Them
5 July 2020

Party Crasher Simulator Lets You Poison Food, Get Chicks Drunk And Bang Them

Glob Games Studio is working on a brand new and original gaming experience not too dissimilar to Eek! Games’ House Party. It’s called Party Crasher Simulator, and it centers around a guy who crashes parties, gets drunk, spikes drinks, poisons food, and bangs hot chicks.

The objective of the game centers around a douche bag who must sneak into parties uninvited. His task is to disrupt the parties and cause as much havoc as possible without being caught, and then sneak out unsuspected.

There’s a teaser trailer for the announcement gives you an idea of what to expect from the game, which you can check out below.

The entire thing is played from first person, and you’ll be given specific objectives of what to do. How you complete those objectives is up to you.

As you complete side-activities you’ll be able to upgrade your skills. This will allow you to sneak into more homes, crash more parties and cause more chaos.

This is the sort of game that goes and allows you to be as vile as you want, all for a few giggles and to feel jolly. The game doesn’t have much depth but if the loops are fun, the chicks are hot, and the challenges require a bit of thought and tactics, then it’s not all bad.

Party Crasher Simulator is still a long ways off from release, though. The game isn’t due to drop until July 1st, 2021. Hopefully it won’t get deplatformed by pesky SJWs or CJWs leading up to its release.

Even still, you can wishlist or follow the game by visiting the Steam store page.

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