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1488900cookie-checkRumor: Disney is in Full Panic Mode

Rumor: Disney is in Full Panic Mode

To put it as succinctly as possible: Disney is royally screwed. Their direct to consumer streaming service Disney Plus failed to attract paying subscribers and is projected to cost the company $1.1 Billion in the third quarter alone. Making matters worse, the continued reaction to Covid-19 has nuked their revenue generation, forcing the company to take on billions in debt just to cover operations.

Now, courtesy of Clownfish TV, we’ve learned WDW Pro, a person with a very successful track record with insider information, has confirmed the company is in full panic mode.

Obviously, there is concern over whether the parks will be able to remain open as Florida continues to generate spurious numbers. That’s not the worse of the companies newfound woes. As everyone is aware by now, Twitter got hacked. It is unknown how long the mysterious Kurt had access to Twitter’s administration tools, but the gravest concern is that the real intention of the operation was to hijack DMS.

This is just my opinion as a mild-mannered supervillain, but if I caught any of my minions posting sensitive information on a platform the feds didn’t have to work hard to get access to. Well, let’s just say they wouldn’t have a need for a resume where they’re going. It’s patently absurd Disney failed to instruct key staff on the importance of not transmitting sensitive information through unsecured channels, but according to WDW Pro, that is what was occurring.

Keep in mind the hackers would have had access to the sum total of all the personal messages ever sent on the platform. Users may delete them, but companies keep them for their records. In case police or federal agents ever come knocking looking for them.

To combat this, Disney’s legal team has advised affected members to delete their Twitter accounts. To what desired effect is unknown. For the sensitive information they don’t want out is already out there. Delete your account isn’t going to help them, and even after deleting the account, the records are still going to be in Twitter’s systems.

Further complicating their woes, the Trump administration and US government have begun passing legislation that bans any action that directly or indirectly harms the citizens of Hong Kong or provides the Chinese administration support in doing so.

Putting the fear of god into Disney, Attorney General Barr made a public statement that the Justice Department was fully aware several members of the CCP were working for Disney Shanghai’s management. Some with plaques proudly proclaiming their allegiances sitting on their desks.

To add further to the company’s woes, in the past 24 hours there was a major breach of security at Twitter. While the news media is mostly focusing on a bitcoin scheme that was part of the Twitter hack, Disney (and other companies) are much more concerned about the seemingly true issue that hackers had access to all Direct Messages on the platform for verified accounts. I am told that a small minority of individuals within the company AND linked to the company through various current and former projects may have had information within those Direct Messages that would be damaging. Disney Legal has advised individuals who may have had damaging information in their Direct Messages to delete their Twitter accounts, and at least one individual of significant stature has elected to do so. There is real fear in Burbank that hackers have information about the company, about individuals within the company, etc, which would be particularly unpleasant to have released into the public sphere.

But it still gets worse… also within the past 24 hours, the Trump administration has dropped the hammer on the Walt Disney Company. First, there was an executive order in regards to Hong Kong which can absolutely affect Disney employees and Disney company plans. Attorneys for the company are currently reading through the executive order and seeking guidance from the Trump administration as to how the company can avoid seizure of property due to potentially aiding in the harming of Hong Kong citizens’ democratic rights via indirect means. Because of the broad and non-specific language in the executive order, Hong Kong Disney may stay closed indefinitely, regardless of the COVID situation there. Furthermore, in a speech on July 16th, Attorney General Barr made headlines with a speech in which he disclosed the number of Chinese Communist Party officials working in Shanghai Disney management, including the number who have communist insignia on their desks. This sent a ripple through the Disney Company as they realized that US Intelligence has inside information about their Shanghai operations, and are confident enough to release that information. This puts the company in an exceedingly difficult place: stray from China’s demands and everything can be taken like in the NBA situation… act in China’s interests and the United States Justice Department may now come calling.

Now two questions arise from this report. Will the Justice Department proceed with legal action against Disney, and were any Dms taken? To the first only time will tell. Either the justice department will attempt to get legal action ahead of the 2020 election, or they’ll stall until they know who will be writing their checks in 2021.

As for the DMS, Twitter has confirmed they’ve been taken.

Twitter has not specified who the eight accounts or if the issue is isolated to just the eight accounts, so Disney may have good reason to be panicking.

Reasons they wouldn’t have if they’d simply stuck to their corporate mission of producing entertainment rather than Marxist propaganda. If they’d never attempt to subvert our expectations, never ridiculed or mocked their customers, they’d have nothing to worry about right now.

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