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Fanza Bans Bestiality Artwork, Harm Against Animals

DMM’s Fanza is a portal that allows artists to register and sell their artwork and doujins through DMM’s web service. Artists noticed, however, that in the frequently asked questions section there were prohibitions on certain kinds of artwork, including bestiality or any works that depicted harm against animals… despite being drawings.

Otacom picked up the news and published a piece on August 16th, 2020 pointing to DMM’s FAQ page where they note the following…

“Fictional works involving bestiality, or scenes of similar real life acts, involving animals or resemblance to animals that contain acts of violence or violent behavior, cannot be sold.”

Otacom also linked to a Twitter thread from a popular Pixv artist, Abubu Newnanka, who had a series of tweets explaining that Fanza no longer supporting works containing bestiality means that companies are tightening the noose around creative works. Additionally, they note that specific expressions of art will soon become prohibited, meaning that artists will no longer be able to make money providing art to an audience that wants it.

They also cited how none of this pertains to laws binding the people to censorship, but rather that these are individual platforms choosing to bind people to these terms as if they are law.

They point to the Patreon cases where the company has sifted through artists’ work on other platforms and have begun policing what artists can do off-platform, demanding that they censor all of their art lest they have their Patreon account banned, even if they’re not selling the art on Patreon.

Otacom actually had an article back on January 7th, 2020 explaining why companies like Fanza are now restricting certain kinds of artwork, and it all falls back to payment processors… specifically PayPal. They’ve been dictating what distributors/retailers are allowed to sell, and if they sell anything that goes against their policies they will cut off processing for that outlet.

This all comes from an unconstitutional measure known as Operation Choke Point, which is still being unlawfully employed to this day.

We’ve seen how independent payment processors like New Project 2 were stopped dead in their tracks by payment processors, preventing them from providing payment services to independent content creators.

Basically, the Intersectional Inquisition controls everything from media to banks, and they’ve now begun to infect and alter what Japanese distributors are allowed to sell.

Don’t be surprised if the next steps involve banning loli and shota content, and then eventually school related material, similar to how Valve has banned that kind of content from Steam.

Buy what you can and as soon as you can because the Anime Apocalypse is upon us. Nothing is safe.

Otacom summed up the news with a little image that perfectly encapsulates what’s to come.


(Thanks for the news tip Noriyuki Works)

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