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1491540cookie-checkNetflix Is Turning Ubisoft’s Beyond Good And Evil Into A Movie

Netflix Is Turning Ubisoft’s Beyond Good And Evil Into A Movie

Netflix is looking to turn any IP in the games industry either into a TV series or a movie. Already, a plethora of video game to movie or TV adaptations are very much a thing on Netflix, and the company is partnering up with Ubisoft — who is on the Traitors of America list along with Netflix — to make Beyond Good and Evil a movie.

Whether or not Netflix sends you up the wall or is something that you fancy, know that Rob Letterman — an individual that directed Detective Pikachu — is on board to help lead the hybrid live-action/animated feature Beyond Good and Evil.

The above information comes from However, the website also notes that Netflix’s adaptation of Beyond Good and Evil is in early development where a search for writers to pen and adapt the game is currently underway.

As for Letterman’s background, he got his start in animation and visual effects by making his feature debut co-directing DreamWorks Animation’s Shark Tale as per the publication site.

Interestingly, yours truly was actually accepted to see an early special premier and win an Insectosaurus plush doll of Monsters vs. Aliens back in 2009, a film that Letterman co-helmed.

Moreover, the outlet also highlights that Letterman made his live-action debut with Gulliver’s Travels — a special effects-heavy comedy starring Jack Black. On the topic of Black, Goosebumps (2015) saw Letterman and the actor reunite, which said film paved the way to make last year’s Detective Pikachu.

As of now, Ubisoft’s Beyond Good and Evil one day will air as a movie via Netflix. However, this is most likely the first wave of video game to movie adaptations we’ll be seeing, so expect more moving forward.

In the meantime, Jason Altman and Margaret Boykin are producing for Ubisoft Film and Television, where I’m sure word on this movie’s progress will surface late this year or in early 2021.

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