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Cool Pastime Games

Playing online games, alone and with friends, is among the most common hobbies we all have. The market of gaming is developing constantly. The board games and trivia games were already some of the popular pastime games, now new online games have made a new entry. Card games and role play games are possible to play on smartphones and tablets. Now the number of mobile gamers is rising exponentially, the game developers are trying hard to supply qualitative engaging games. On our website, we always guide you about some blockbuster games that require lots of time. However, with this article, we are going to tell you what are some cool pastime games that can be played within a few minutes.

Trivia Games

There are lots of quiz games and trivia games on the App Store and Google Play Store. Players can easily pick up some big titles from the app store and play these games with their friends or as a single player. Basically, in the trivia games, you can participate as a group or individually, you would be asked questions about several topics. You need to answer the questions and score high. This can be more fun when you have a group of friends at your home. Trivia games can be part of parties or events as well.

Trivia games are not only entertaining but they help to expand the knowledge of the players in different areas. As multiple players participate as a team, it boosts sportsmanship and team spirit. You can play a few rounds of the games within a few minutes. They are challenging, viable, and fun games, so they can be among the best pastime games to play in quick time.


Slot machine games have enjoyed a lot of popularity in the past. They were the attraction of the things at brick-and-mortar casinos. Well, in those days it wasn’t possible to bring slot machines at your home and roll spins with your friends. Nowadays, several online casino sites offer online slots with a number of themes. These casino games can be played very quickly with a mobile casino app or casino website. You can play it as a single-player as well as with your friends.

It is not mandatory to play slots with real money because there are many online gambling sites that offer free slot games. You can choose one among many free spin no deposit on UK casinos. You just need to access any legal and trusted online casino with slot games and choose the one from various theme-based slots. The visual effects and classic sounds of the games would definitely bring nostalgia to your old pals as this game can be played with your parents as well.

Card Games

Card games are also among the popular pastime games as they can be played with your friends and can be finished in a few rounds. You can buy essential things required to play poker games or you can simply switch to mobile poker games. Poker can be enjoyed best when you play with your friends or family for the pastime. To make the gameplay more exciting, you can organize poker night. At poker night, you can choose online poker sites as well as arrange physical poker things.

In order to kill the boredom and have some fun, you can try several variants of card games available online. If you are alone then you can play against the players available at the online gaming platform. Whether you play with friends or with online opponents, playing card games like poker in quick mode or the very popular Texas Hold’em, you can improve your skills with the aim of killing some boring time. Thus, card games can be cool pastime games to play online as well.

Battle Royale Games

Recently, battle Royale games like Free Fire, Fortnite, and PUBG have become the most popular these days. Anyone who loves action games can hardly avoid these games. Players just need a smartphone and install one of these to play anytime they want to pass time. The basic gameplay at these action games is the same but the visual effects, a battle mode, avatars, and arms can be different. These cool pastime games can be played with your friend residing miles away from you or you can participate as a single-player as well.

Players can collect ammunition, explosives, and weapons. The ultimate goal of these games is to be the last player or the team and be the winner. If you love to pass time with some action then these games promise cool graphics, lots of action, pleasant gameplay, simplified mechanics, quick matches, a unique style, and an innovative construction system.

Board Games

Sudoku, Monopoly, Scrabble, and Battleship are among the most popular games. But if you don’t have these games at home? With digitization, game developers are offering these board games to be played on the smartphone as well. These board games can be enjoyed with your friends, but with online board games, you can play as a single-player as well. There is no need to look for other players online as the computer can be your opponent here.

With multiple levels and difficult ranges, these games can be very easy, sometimes hard, but surely entertaining to pass time. The interface is intuitive and you can navigate within the app with a just few taps on the screen. Thus, these board games can also cool pastime games.

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