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New Gundam Breaker Cheats for Unlimited Power-Up

New Gundam Breaker is the fourth installment in the Gundam Breaker series by Bandai Namco, which was released on June 21, 2018, in Japan. The Gundam franchise has already been a strong contender in the “Robot Fight” game with a vast universe to explore.

Find more about New Gundam Breaker cheats below.

In this game, players will be able to replace parts with ones fallen off of enemy units and stored in an inventory menu where they can be swapped out at any time, allowing for a “real-time customization battle” or stored in a Recovery Box. Builder Parts will also return with an increased cap of 8 parts. Also new is the ability to change the music that plays in particular for your Gunpla.

Just like what is shown in the manga or movie, this “franchise” offers a stellar perspective over future civilization advancing in robotics. The main premise is a cosmic robots fight with destructive power and a large-scale battle arena.

The game is no different than that. it offers amazing gameplay with complex features to memorize. But fear not, if the usual gameplay is not your cup of tea, or simply just too hard to come by, there are some cheats available for this game.

The first website to offer cheats for New Gundam Breaker is,:

Set GP

Unlimited Health

Unlimited Jump Power

Instant Full Burst Charge

Freeze Mission Timer

Another one is from, which is actually the exact same one as the above. But, some cheats might come from different sources, so it’s worth a shot to try from other websites just to see if it is similar or maybe even better. The site will give you :

Unlimited Health

Unlimited Energy

Unlimited Burst Gauge

Unlimited GP

Freeze Timer

Unlike many other games that offer a lot of cheats, seems that New Gundam Breaker does not have that many cheats available. Nonetheless, it is still worth a try.

Go and play it now, available on both PS4 and on Steam