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3 Slots That Were Inspired by Video Games

In order to keep players interested, many slot game designers like to use familiar characters and brands. With video games being so popular it is unsurprising that many of them are used as inspiration for slot games. People who play video games are familiar with online gaming and so to take a step into slots is not unusual – so it makes sense that online casinos and gaming websites offer games that they are familiar with.
Here is a look at 3 slots inspired by video games that we’re fans of:

Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare

Call of Duty is an extremely popular video game; in fact, it is so popular that even non-gamers are likely to have heard of it. The game itself has been around since 2003, with the first game based on World War 2. There have been several versions since then with numerous upgrades, inspiration taken from different wars and even the ability to play against other players.
Modern Warfare is one of the most popular versions of the Call of Duty franchise, which is why it will be no surprise that Amaya Gaming has chosen to create a slot machine inspired by the game. The slot game version offers numerous pay lines over the five-reel setup and has the chance to win extra via two bonus features. As well as a huge jackpot it gives you the chance to win free spins and scatters where you can win even more. Similar to the much-loved video game, it is fast-paced and exciting.

Neon City

Arcade games are extremely popular throughout different gaming platforms and consoles. Lots of people like the idea of playing vintage games and so arcade games that look retro certainly get players attention.

For those players looking for a traditional arcade looking slot game, a go at Neon City is highly recommended. With great graphics including some very 80s looking fruit icons and numerous chances to win, it is a game that is likely to keep players interested for a long time. Combine this with 6 reels and 7 symbols available on each; you can quickly see that there are thousands of different ways to win.
For extra ways to win you can pick up free spins, mystery fruit prizes and even gamble any winnings for the chance to win even more!

Lara Croft: Tomb Raider

Comic books, video games and Hollywood blockbuster videos, Lara Croft has done it all. With the franchise being such a popular one, it is no surprise that they have developed a slot machine along similar lines.
The Tomb Raider Slot Game guides players through an exciting and interactive adventure, with nods to the Lara Croft franchise that fans know and love throughout the whole game. With 25 possible pay lines across 5 reels, there are certainly plenty of chances to win.
Various symbols appear to help you complete pay lines and you can even bet your winnings and win more via their multiplier option – so plenty to keep you entertained while you’re playing these Lara Croft inspired slots.

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