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25 September 2021

Best of Xbox Honest Game Review – Dead by Daylight

Dead by Daylight: The Entity is snatching people off the streets and dumping them in its realm, where they’ll be joined by a slew of horror-movie villains and villains inspired by horror-movie villains. To escape the map, one team of four players must sneak around and repair generators, while a fifth player gets to step into the blood-soaked shoes of a killer and hunt them down before they can do so.

If cat and mouse were a game, the cat would have a chainsaw, and the mouse would have hatchets and bear traps all over the place. Think of Tom & Jerry, but with fewer gore and slaps.

As a survivor in Dead by Daylight, you’ll have to sneak around and keep an eye out for the killer as they stomp around. Starting a match is always exciting because you have to get your bearings, find some generators, and figure out who the killer will be. It’s essential to perform skill checks when repairing generators, or else they’ll go wrong and stop you from progressing. They’ll also give the killer helpful directions to your impending demise.

The good news is that you aren’t entirely defenseless because you can use pallets to your advantage while evading a killer as they chase you or hide in cupboards. Aside from that, there are numerous unlockable and customizable bonuses to take advantage of that can be highly beneficial.

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Dead by Daylight

Killer characters play in first-person and are aware that veteran survivors exist solely to make their lives miserable. That’s why they play in first-person as the killer. It’s a shame that Dead by Daylight’s Game Pass version is the core game because the game’s extensive DLC list includes many of the game’s remarkable killers, including licensed ones.

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Even so, there are a few interesting characters to experiment with, such as the Wraith, whose bell allows him to become invisible, or the Trapper, who loves to lay bear traps all over the place like a child who refuses to clean up its damn room after himself. If you want a taste of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre, there’s even a crazy guy with a chainsaw.

If you decide to purchase some of the DLC, you can do so in various ways that add new survivors, killers, and maps to the game Dead by Daylight. Additionally, many of the assassins possess incredible abilities. When a killer like Michael Myers can Stalk, it builds up a psychological advantage before unleashing his fury on the unsuspecting. As a result, large portions of the game will feature Myers lurking behind walls, staring menacingly at players. This makes for some intense jump scares as you scan the environment in search of Myers.

Defeating a survivor with a weapon puts them in a wounded state, and hitting them again knocks them to the ground, where they can pathetically crawl around like the sad sacks of flesh they are. Afterward, you can hoist them up, carry them over to an impaling hook, and leave them there to be saved or consumed by the Entity, depending on your strategy.

Dead by Daylight

How about going after more survivors or staying with the one you’ve already got your hooks into? Whatever you decide to do in Dead by Daylight will be deemed incorrect by the scumbags who populate the community.

Yes, the most offensive aspect of the game is the jerks who participate in it.. I’ve played the PC version of the Dead by Daylight for over a hundred hours, and I can tell you that the Steam forums were a constant battleground where people screamed at each other about how powerful killers were, how powerful survivors were, pallette looping and more.

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There are valid complaints about Dead by Daylight, such as the game’s frustrating design choices. It was created by a small team that has struggled to keep everything in balance while adding more content and dealing with a level of popularity that I don’t think they ever considered possible.

What’s the good news, though? Dead by Daylight is an absolute blast if you ignore the community, except that it’s unbalanced and scruffy, and go in with that mindset. Many memorable moments have occurred, such as running around in a circle while Michael Myers attempts to stab me and then leaping into a cupboard just as Ghostface aims a knife at my ribs and running away.

In my dual roles as killer and victim, I’ve experienced anxiety, laughter, and even moments of honor when I’ve allowed sure survivors to flee or had other survivors sacrifice themselves so that the others could live.

Dead by Daylight

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