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Mario Golf: Super Rush Review – A Rushed Bogey

When I first saw the “Mario Golf: Super Rush” trailer, I was excited about the prospect of a foolish, chaotic sports event. I’m looking forward to the days when Wii Sports became supreme, and “Mario Golf” on the Nintendo Switch appeared initially like that space was filled in my heart. Despite this potential, however, it finally landed in the bunker instead of in the green.

“Mario Golf: Super Rush” is a classic golf game that meets various environments that present unique golfing challenges. Button controls are easy to grasp — press A to set the shot’s strength, press A again to shoot, and move the left-hand handle to change the ball’s direction. Although a little frustrating to adapt, Motion controls are fun to relive these glory days of Wii Sports. There are many different clubs, and players can purchase new gear to change their stats – modifiers that influence how your character plays compared to other characters.

The game contains a few fun game modes, lovely non-player characters, and good graphics. Simple controls make the game accessible to players of all skill levels; the new ability for all players to play in multiplayer at once gives the ideal party-game feeling and speeds up. The story mode allows the player to change its stats accordingly, and the character options have a wide range of stats to choose from in multiplayer mode.

These stats — power, control, speed, endurance, and spin — change the strengths and weaknesses of each player. Each player in multiplayer mode can choose whether they want a lot more power and hit the ball further than King Bob-omb or whether they want their strategy to focus on their ability to quickly spin the ball as Toad. Sadly, it also means that Mii story mode stats are translated into multiplayer mode. If the story mode is not yours, your Mii will be severely undergraduate, while your Mii may be overweight compared to other players and AIs by completing story mode.

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The story mode of “Mario Golf: Super Rush” is it is online multiplayer. Golf Adventure (story mode) lacks exciting content, and I found myself free to continue it. It’s about making Mii the best golfer with several tournaments; it’s a series of boss fights around a very half-hearted plot that ends as soon as it starts. Compared to previous entries in the series, the story is naked and feels less effort has been invested. Story mode is an essential part of this game, so it’s hard to forgive how flat it is.

Not only is story mode disappointing, but online multiplayer seriously misses the mark for a game that features multiplayer as one of its major selling points. There is no fast matchmaking system in Mario Kart or Super Smash Bros, similar to an online multiplayer. Instead, players must join or host a room with the rules they like and wait until the room is filled. This is a slow, frustrating and unpleasant process.

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The online features of Nintendo are not comparable to other systems — although it costs the user $20 to $35 a year — so it’s not necessarily a surprise. Still, online multiplayer is not supposed to feel outdated in 2021. Nintendo Online is still one big paid bogey instead of standing up to their competition, and “Mario Golf: Super Rush” makes that all too clear.


Despite these problems, the game shines on the local multiplayer. Battle golf, where you golf against other players simultaneously to get the highest amount of holes in an arena with enemies, obstacles, and changes in status, is the most fun. It’s just as brutal as any game in the Mario Party series, but fast-playing does not exceed your welcome. Speed golf is also entertaining, and the time it takes for each shot to finish is limited, making this mode a fast and exciting party game. Both ways have particular shot and dash skills for each character, allowing the player to compete ruthlessly.

Nintendo has stated that the game will be updated with new content, namely new characters and courses. Of course, it is essential to note that the pandemic was most likely to affect Nintendo’s time to develop more content, but this game really should have been produced for a few more months. The lack of content is understandable, but it is not less deceptive.

This could be a new favorite for fans of previous Mario golf games — and sports games in general. It is also very accessible to casual gamers and those who are not playing video games. Unfortunately, I was unhappy with the release, so I hope future updates make the game more enjoyable. If you have plenty of friends around, “Mario Golf: Super Rush” might be a hole-in-one. However, if you are like me, you can easily transmit this entry in the series.


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