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Best Fighting Games 2021 (PS)

According to reports, the PlayStation 4 is now the official console home of fighting games. Many original and third-party titles are available to gamers of all fighting game preferences, whether they like their brawling vintage or contemporary, single-player team-based. Backward compatibility on the PS5 means you can play your favorite PS4 fighting games on the next generation of consoles as well.

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It’s challenging to narrow down the best fighting games when there are so many to pick from, but we’ve done it. We’ve rated these games for the sole purpose of receiving comments telling us that our selections are incorrect. Below you’ll find a list of the best 20 fighting games currently available on PlayStation 4.

Gang Beasts:

Gang Beasts

Gang Beasts avoids the issue of traditional fighting games, which is that they only allow for 1v1 combat. You can’t convince me otherwise: Gang Beasts is a fighting game.

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Players fight for dominance in a physics-based playground full of dangers, and it’s a lot of fun for up to four players locally and eight players online. Gang Beasts’ brand of antics provides a more equal playing field than other games on this list that may have a higher skill barrier.

Dragon Ball FighterZ:

Dragon Ball FighterZ

Dragon Ball FighterZ is now the most popular and in-demand fighting game on the market, as shown by EVO 2018 attendance and sign-ups, and for a good reason. Despite each character’s simple controls and universal inputs, the game’s 3v3 tag mechanics provided complexity and helped make this year’s blockbuster hit an even more significant success.

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Due to the game’s success, more seasons are possible. Thus Dragon Ball FighterZ should keep you busy for months with character DLC and future releases. It may be years.

Dead Or Alive 6:

Dead Or Alive 6

The DOA series is one of the finest 3D fighters available, provided you can get beyond the enormous quantities of attractive costume DLC, even though it is more well-known for its use of specific “assets.” It’s terrible.

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Aside from these changes, DOA 6 introduces a plethora of additional concepts and choices that spice up the standard rock-paper-scissors game of strike–counter–throw. While many people criticize Dead or Alive as a simple button masher, the fun has a lot going on.

UFC 4:


UFC 4 is the ultimate digital edition of the famous combat promotion, also a fighting game. I think it’s better than the actual event since you can witness Bruce Lee stomp on Conor McGregor in some Bloodsport-style subterranean Kumite arena. Would you please tell me that’s not enticing?

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Players seeking a genuine MMA experience or just wanting to throw punches can find it in both the standard and Knockouts modes.

Fighting EX Layer:

Fighting EX Layer

Originally intended to be an April Fool’s prank, Fighting EX Layer was developed as part of Capcom’s Street Fighter EX series, which combined old SF characters with new ones like Skullomania. The Arika characters were left stranded when the romance broke down, so the crew decided to create their own game instead.

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Fighting EX Layer is a beautiful journey down memory lane for lovers of fighting games who grew up playing the EX series, although at a quicker speed.

Soulcalibur VI:

Soulcalibur VI

By many accounts, Soulcalibur VI retells the original game’s storyline story with improved graphics, movesets, and gameplay mechanics, making it a standout in the genre.

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While fans of the Dreamcast version of the game will feel right at home, the inclusion of new features like Critical Edges, Soul Charges, and more gives the game a much more contemporary feel than the Dreamcast original. Geralt of Rivia is a sexually charged, silver-haired hero, and that alone may be enough for some people to justify purchasing the game.

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