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Monster Hunter Rise: OneAngryGamer Honest Review (Switch)

All of that has changed with the arrival of Monster Hunter Rise, a game designed from the ground up for Nintendo’s highly regarded hybrid console. By simplifying and making it more accessible to beginners, World reimagined the series and put the narrative front and center. There are some minor modifications in Rising to assist mix the new World mechanics with those from the older games in the series, but this pattern continues.

Fans of the previous games will like Rise, but it’s also user-friendly enough that beginners to the series will not be intimidated by the high learning curve. Even with its dated graphics, Monster Hunter Rise shows off the capability of the handheld-turned-home console in a way that no other game has so far.

This can happen when a lot is going on the screen, but it is not noticeable and does not detract from the overall experience. There are no significant changes to the Monster Hunter Rise formula, although the controls have been smoothed down a bit to feel more natural. In the past, games have frequently required players to plan out their attacks carefully and master the proper stance for their weapon of choice.

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It’s a principle that still applies to rising, but the new firebug mechanism, inspired by World of Warcraft’s Clutch Claw expansion, makes it feel more fluid. Although it appears to be a simple mechanic, it adds a new dimension to hunts.

Monster Hunter Rise

 It may be applied in various inventive ways to eliminate any of the game’s numerous monsters. Having a companion in the game speeds up the hunting process and makes it easier to move between monsters. The monsters themselves are always the main draw in a Monster Hunter Rise game does not disappoint in this regard. Hunters will have to adapt and switch things up to take on the newcomers and old favorites series. As a result, it’s good that this idea is performed so effectively here, and the array of monsters keeps things exciting and fresh.

 Many returning monsters still hold to this, and the overall lineup is strong because of the inclusion of both old favorites and new demons with exciting new mechanics. Also, in rising, it’s now more apparent which quests must be finished first before moving on to the next set of probes. Monster Hunter Rise has a story, but it’s little more than a motivator to keep you hunting the game’s most difficult monsters.

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They match players against waves of creatures, and the goal is to hold your ground until the conclusion of the wave. These quests can be a welcome diversion from the monotony of the main hunts, and weapons can be equipped with unique abilities to aid in the completion of these quests.

Monster Hunter Rise

 Although this potential is a fantastic new mode, the available missions are hardly more than a momentary diversion to break up the monotony of ordinary hunting quests. It’s hoped that Capcom will continue to work on this model, especially in multiplayer, after the game has been released.

Storytelling has never been a strong suit of the Monster Hunter series, which will not change in this installment. With Rise and the medieval Japanese-inspired hamlet of Kamura serving as a hub between hunts, the presentation is outstanding throughout and a joy to return to after a problematic hunt Nothing in life is perfect, and Monster Hunter: World: Reignited is no different.

 As previously stated, the Rampage quests are a fun diversion, but in their current state, they do not feel like a squandered opportunity to introduce a new gameplay mode to the franchise. Despite this, the biggest problem of Rising is the lack of a finale, which is ironic for a series known chiefly for its post-game material. Capcom appears to be laying the groundwork for some free add-on material, as they have already scheduled a significant update for the end of April. But even with it, the game is still fantastic to play and offers a wealth of material that will only become better as long as Capcom keeps supporting it.

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Monster Hunter Rise

 This is still Monster Hunter, but with some much-needed upgrades to the game’s quality of life that builds on Monster Hunter World’s many dramatic innovations. Monster Hunter: Rise is a fantastic addition to the franchise, and it’s a technical marvel for what it can do on mobile technology. In the eyes of Monster Hunter fans, Monster Hunter Rise is a must-have title for the Nintendo hybrid console, and it’s a perfect moment for newcomers to give the series a shot as well.

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