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Best Horror Games 2021 (PS)

No matter how few genuinely AAA games we receive these days, horror games remain a gaming industry institution. Resident Evil is and will remain the genre’s standard-bearer, but it’s also the only major flagship series that’s still active today. When it comes to the greatest PS5 horror games, you won’t find any copies of Silent Hill, Alone in the Dark, or Dino Crisis.

On the other hand, horror on the ninth generation of consoles is a genre controlled chiefly by independent developers and publishers. This isn’t always a negative development. Indie games have flourished over the past decade or two because it’s a place where new ideas may be explored without fear of failure. PlayStation 5’s greatest horror games range from low-budget thrills to some of the genre’s most creative titles. These spooks are more significant than the console’s eBay scalping pricing.

Best Horror Games 2021 (PC)

Horror Tales: The Wine:

Horror Tales: The Wine

HORROR TALES: THE TALE OF TWO CITIES is one of the more miniature well-known horror games on our list. No matter how low-budget it is, this excellent horror game for your PS5 should not be diminished by Wine’s lack of pedigree. In other words, what kind of budget can a horror game made by one person have?

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Even though it doesn’t succeed in all attempts (for example, the pursuit scenes are weak), HORROR TALES: THE MOVIE is still a good watch. In the Wine, the suspenseful plot revolves around a dying man who visits a strange island to discover the cause of an epidemic. As the terrible tapestry it weaves takes on more and sadder details, you’ll be stunned by the emotional gut blow that The Wine delivers. When it comes to horror games on the PS5, HORROR TALES: The Wine may not be the most well-known, but it just may provide the greatest surprise.

The Sinking City:

The Sinking City

Even while The Sinking City isn’t very frightening, its Lovecraftian plot and twisted aesthetic make an impact with its creeping suspense and disjointed design, making it anything from boring.

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The Sinking City, like the previous two entries, isn’t a complete failure due to a lack of funding. Despite certain animation shortcomings, The Sinking City makes a concerted effort to capture the spirit of Lovecraft’s writings in its semi-open setting, whether via its psychiatric probes or otherworldly lunacy. The jaded Charles Reed must attempt to figure out what is going on in the flooded world of Oakmont if he wants to find out what is happening. If you don’t focus on the flaws, you may come upon a real treasure.

Little Nightmares 2: Enhanced Edition:

Little Nightmares 2: Enhanced Edition

While Little Nightmares 2: Enhanced Edition isn’t necessary for those who have already explored the Pale City and returned with scars, it’s an excellent reason to go back.

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In this 4K re-release of the blockbuster hit horror game that sold over two million copies, you’ll take control of Mono as he explores a strange city where the grownups are having a very dark and unfriendly time. Along with Six, the main character from the first film, Mono, must flee from a slew of ominous characters, from overzealous physicians to strict school administrators. Little Nightmares 2 is a stunning work of art, and playing it in 4K enhances the impact even more. An actual fall (or ascension) into the darkness with some of the most memorable setpieces and graphics in horror game history can be found in Little Nightmares 2. After all, good things come in little packages

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Dead By Daylight:

Dead By Daylight

What more is there to say about Dead By Daylight, the most popular online horror game ever? The number of horror enthusiasts who haven’t knocked over a wood pallet or hung someone from a hook is dwindling due to Behaviour’s pop culture monster crossover’s enduring appeal. Survivalists must repair generators throughout a map by spamming flashlights and coordinating their efforts with their fellow survivors. You have to ensure sure nobody escapes when you’re a murderer, so prepare for an exciting game of cat and mouse that gets your blood pounding.

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Then, as you’re teabag-tainted again and over, your blood pressure will soar. No matter how severe or casual you want to be with Dead By Daylight, horror fans will enjoy it on the PS5 thanks to its respect for the horror genre and its full fidelity to it.

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