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Best Sci-Fi Games 2021 (PC)

When it comes to the greatest sci-fi games, we are spoiled for choice. The sci-fi genre has inspired and brought to life some of the most thrilling and unforgettable virtual experiences throughout the years, spanning a wide range of gameplay styles. We have everything here to help you see the future, from massively multiplayer online role-playing games where you don a spacesuit and explore outer space to a fantastic visual novel/bartending sim hybrid set in a futuristic metropolis (or alternate past). So please sit back, relax, and prepare for an exciting trip as we walk you through some of the greatest sci-fi games available right now on any platform.

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X-COM 2:


As a result of Julian Gollop’s groundbreaking X-COM fighting style being so successful, it has become its brand and has served as an inspiration for many other sci-fi games. On the other hand, the concept of an extraterrestrial invasion is as timeless as they come.

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While the movies and literature have always portrayed heroes as those who fight against the forces of evil from on high, X-COM transforms that simple premise into an intensely tactical game that will keep you invested in your team due to the threat of losing the squad members with the best stats due to permadeath, as well as the fact that we humans develop emotional attachments to the things we get to give silly names to. If you like the first game, you will enjoy the War of The Chosen DLC’s campaign even more.

Detriot: Become Human:

Detriot: Become Human

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A near-future revolt of home androids is the focus of Quantic Dream’s unique, minimally interactive gameplay. In Detroit: Become Human, the player has a plethora of choices that may affect the game’s conclusion and the relationships between characters, as well as hundreds of apparently insignificant actions. A beautiful game with a cast that will make you feel like you’re in an interactive movie, which is precisely what the company wanted you to think you were doing while playing the game.

Outer Wilds:

Outer Wilds

Exploration, navigation, and discovering mysteries are all important aspects of sci-fi games. Rarely has a game evoked the exhilaration of discovery like Outer Wilds. When you go out to discover the past of your solar system, you find out that the secrets they were working on are the only ones that can preserve all you’ve learned. That may seem tense, but there’s a strange calmness when you’re skulking around a tunnel looking for clues left by past explorers or when you encounter a lonesome adventurer over a campfire.

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While patience is something Outer Wilds discourages, it is occasionally necessary. It’s possible to find routes solely by letting the planets and their intricate mechanics do their thing, although the trip may be isolating at times. Amazingly, this makes the reward even greater if you discover a clue and the search for your relatives suddenly seems hopeful again.

Alien: Isolation:

Alien: Isolation

The quality of game adaptations of films is frequently dubious (and the reverse is often true! ). Still, Creative Assembly proved with this survival horror game that it is possible to know what makes the original material so adored. Ridley Scott’s Alien remains frightful more than thirty years after its first premiere. There is no need to alter the original concept if it isn’t broken; thus, players are placed in Amanda Ripley’s shoes as she runs for her life to avoid being discovered by the authorities.

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Everything in Alien: Isolation, from the visual design to the plot and, of course, the excellent AI of the alien we all…love? It simply works together to take you right into the film.

Deus Ex: Human Revolution:

Deus Ex: Human Revolution

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An intriguing future is painted in the prequel to the original Deus Ex video game from 2000, when human enhancements have become the standard. You are often asked to choose sides in an intriguing social struggle over the use of augmentations, with people in favor of them and those against them. Not only can your choices have long-term effects on discussions, but they also impact the people and places around you. In this bleak yet beautifully realized vision of the future, you always have numerous options for resolving problems by augmenting protagonist Adam Jensen to unlock new pathways and abilities.

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