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5 Best Indie Games on Nintendo Switch

Although it contains some of the greatest AAA games, the Nintendo Switch is mainly regarded as an independent machine by the gaming community. Many of the greatest indie games are now available on the hybrid platform with the Switch and Switch Lite’s mobility. This is great news for independent creators. Here we are going to discuss some best indie games on Nintendo Switch.

To top it all off, several previously published indie games like Hollow Knight have seen an uptick in attention and praise after making the jump to the Switch. As a result, both game creators and Switch users are happy. To help new Switch owners and commuters alike, we’ve compiled a list of the best indie games on Nintendo Switch to keep you entertained throughout your daily commute.

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Creature in the Well:

Creature in the Well

Usually, pinball and hack-and-slash action don’t mix, but no one told Flight School Studio that before they started developing Creature in the Well. It’s a mystery quest in which a “BOT-C” ventures inside a mountain and defeats the titular Creature’s trials and adversaries there. The stunning visuals and zoomed-out perspective make you feel like a speck in a vast universe, but the industrial elements provide the game with a grim vibe.

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Creature in the Well’s unique gameplay combines pinball elements with more conventional action gaming. You’ll have to hit an orb that travels between bouncers while avoiding turrets and other traps assaulting you to accomplish tasks. It’s unlike anything else we’ve played before, and it’s one of the best indie games on Nintendo Switch.

I am Dead:

I am Dead

I am Dead is on our list of best indie games on Nintendo Switch. To begin, we have Annapurna Interactive’s I am Dead. The tale begins with the death of Shelmerston, a museum curator. A volcanic explosion has created an island, and after seeing the spirit of his dog, he and the ghost decide to go explore it.

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A single choice in I am Dead may alter the course of the island’s history; thus, the game concentrates on sharpening your decision-making abilities. Saving the island and its inhabitants from an impending natural disaster is the ultimate goal.

Hotline Miami Collection:

Hotline Miami Collection

The Hotline Miami Collection brings together the first game in the series and ultimately, adds itself to the list of best indie games on Nintendo Switch, Hotline Miami, with the sequel, Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number, in one frantic and demanding package. Top-down, bloody games mix twitchy action gameplay with stealth in innovative ways. The game’s music, which is among the finest in recent memory, completes the package.

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The protagonist in both games is equally vulnerable to one-hit deaths, even though you can kill enemies with various guns and melee weapons across the expertly designed levels. As a result, there’s an air of suspense throughout both games. To be successful, you must be able to recall information quickly and act quickly as well. In other words, it’s entirely out of control. Not only are these games a blast to play, but they also exude flair, that’s why it is considered as one of the best indie games on Nintendo Switch.



Hades comes 4th on our list of best indie games on Nintendo Switch.

You may have an interest in Greek mythology. If you desire a more profound knowledge of Greek mythology, take on the role of Hades in the video game. Assist Zagreus, the son of Hades, on his journey to reach the summit of Mount Olympus in this action-packed dungeon crawler.

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Having a wide range of weaponry at your disposal gives you the freedom to use various assault strategies. You’ll discover a bunch of treasures along the way. When using the hack-and-slash combat system, you may buy multiple items and weapons at your leisure.

My Friend Pedro:

My Friend Pedro

The excellent bullet-time game is My Friend Pedro is one of the most fascinating and best indie games on Nintendo Switch. While playing this game, you’ll assume the identity of an anonymous protagonist who’s being led by a talking banana named Pedro. Although the plot is complete nonsense, the action in this film is very satisfying. Jump, dodge, and slow downtime as you use a range of powerful weaponry to take out opponents in a succession of sidescrolling stages.

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For My Friend Pedro, it’s all about racking up “stylish points” by getting several kills in a row. In stages where you may skateboard or use frying pots to block gunfire, the style factor soars. My Friend Pedro moves like a badass and plays much better than it looks.

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