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16 October 2021

Unbound Worlds Apart: OneAngryGamer Honest Review (PC)

It’s the level of creative ingenuity that goes into the Unbound Worlds Apart that never ceases to astound me, and that’s why I keep going back and sucking at new games over and over. Of all, if not for the brainpower of all the incredibly bright people out there, this would have rapidly grown old. We will dig deeper into the whys and wherefores, but I am just relishing that I am not very good at this for now.

When playing Unbound Worlds Apart, you get the impression that the flesh is cartoon-made. Cut sequences and graphics are so good that you would be forgiven for forgetting you are playing a video game for most of the game.

I cannot emphasize enough how vital Unbound’s aesthetic is to the overall experience, and it deserves praise for it. As a platformer, we will focus on the mechanics that make this game stand out from the competition.

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Unbound Worlds Apart

To be clear, we are not talking about portals like in Portal; these are not gateways that allow you to travel between locations on a map quickly and easily. For example, if we are in the actual world facing a cliff that’s far too high for us to climb, we will notice a variety of platforms that make the climb much easier when we switch worlds. When you can invert gravity, running around on the ceiling is not a problem.

When you change worlds, the place transforms into a fiery abyss that you should try to avoid at all costs. In the other direction, your universe is full of monstrous demons you do not want to come into contact with. The usage of this early in the game to entice players is rare, and it quickly fades into obscurity later on. As a result, flipping back and forth between screens is an essential mechanic that is put to good use throughout the game.

There are parts of the map that you will not access unless you have the necessary competence. This game differs from others in its genre because of the strategically placed teleportation stones that reduce the amount of backtracking required to complete any task. You will also find a helpful map that changes as you progress, making it simple to keep track of regions you have not explored.

Unbound Worlds Apart

However, Unbound Worlds Apart is not a gruesome or jump-scare game (although seeing a big mutant centipede spring out and try to eat you will make anyone fill their trousers). Still, there is enough in the aesthetic for you to consider giving this game to children twice carefully.

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A few puzzles are impossible to solve on your first try because they lead into locations that are not meant for access until later in the game. There’s also the matter of the limited number of lives you are given. This is because a gamepad has more precise controls, and all of the commands are located closer together.

As a result, the Unbound Worlds Apart lacks the same sense of urgency as many other action-based games in this genre. Restart if you die away some of the stress that comes with being hunted all over the place and allows the controls to be handled more thoughtfully and, as a result, more slowly.

Unbound Worlds Apart

Unbound Worlds Apart is a game that I can take my time with. I appreciate the fact that I have the freedom to pause and plan my next move. Also, I understand that I do not get the impression that it was due to unfair difficulty or subpar controls when I die. Too often get annoyed with games because the pace is too fast, and it’s impossible to move precisely when a lot is going on.

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Overall, Unbound Worlds Apart an excellent game for fans of both platformers and puzzles. And for those of you who, like myself, prefer platform games but are not very good at them, I recommend Unbound Worlds Apart. These elements combine to create a fun and engaging game that you should give a shot.

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