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VALORANT Champions 2021 Recap

During 2021, teams from all over the world measured their strengths in various tournaments that came together at VCT. After three fiercely competitive VCT stages and two international Masters tournaments, 16 teams squared off in Berlin, Germany, to determine the best of Valorant. In addition, Riot Games chose Berlin because Europe’s travel policies are more moderate. In this way, players from different parts of the world could easily participate in the tournament.

As Gambit Esports won the VCT Stage 3 Masters Berlin tournament, they were invited directly. Then the remaining 11 teams were selected from the top-scoring teams in VCT 2021. And finally, the winners of the regional Last Chance Qualifiers were selected among the four vacant teams, and a 16-team Champions Tour was determined.

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Highlights of the match were Ascend and Gambit. Their unstoppable rise eliminated the most favorite teams. It was obvious that these matches would be even more exciting than expected, especially when the Sentinels team, which was the favorite of this event, lost to KRU Esports.

While unexpected teams were on the rise, the uncertain decline of fan favorites increased the tension of the tournament.

If you’re betting on these matches, you will do best to be ready for the unexpected by keeping track of the matches being played and taking note of any team or player that might be overperforming. This will help any Valorant bet be more data-driven than emotionally driven. But still, nothing can be completely sure before the encounters are over. Some of them won, and some of them lost.

VCT 2021 Start Date

Valorant Champions started on December 1 and ended on December 12. At first, when the roadmap was announced, the VCT finale was expected to take place in Los Angeles. However, due to both Covid-19 and Europe’s travel policies, it decided to hold the grand final in Berlin, the city where the VCT Stage 3 Masters tournament was held.

Which Teams Participated in Valorant Champions 2021?

TeamQualified EventRoster
Gambit EsportsMasters BerlinnAts, Redgar, Sheydos, d3ffo, Chronicle
Team EnvyNA Circuit PointsFNS, yay, Victor, crashies, Marved
FnaticEMEA Circuit PointsBoaster, Mistic, Derke, Magnum, Doma
SentinelsNA Circuit PointsShahZaM, dapr, TenZ, zombs, SicK
Keyd StarsBR Circuit Pointsv1xen, mwzera, murizzz, heat, jhoW
X10 CRITSEA Circuit PointsCrws, foxz, Patiphan, sScary, sushiboys
FURIASA LCQxand, mazin, qck, Nozwerr, Khalil
KRÜ EsportsLATAM Circuit Pointskeznit, Klaus, Mazino, NagZ, delz1k
Vision StrikersKR Circuit Pointsk1Ng, BuZz, MaKo, stax, Rb
Team SecretSEA Circuit Pointswitz, BORKUM, JessieVash, DubsteP, Dispenser
Cloud9 BlueNA LCQmitch, vanity, leaf, xeta, Xeppaa
AcendEMEA Circuit PointscNed, BONECOLD, Kiles, starxo,zeek
Team LiquidEMEA LCQScreaM, Jamppi, Nivera, L1NK, ScreaM
Team VikingsBR Circuit PointsSacy, frz, sutecas, gtnziN, Saadhak
Crazy RaccoonJP Circuit PointsBazzi, ade, Fisker, neth, Munchkin

VCT 2021 Group Stage

Everything starts with the group stage, and the seeds of long-term competition are planted here. When VCT 2021 began, there were four groups in total and four teams in each group. To be successful in the group stage, it is necessary to be in the top 2 in the group ranking. Teams placed 3rd and 4th are eliminated directly.

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After the group stages, the Tournament moves on to the Playoffs where the single-elimination system takes place. A total of 3 rounds are played in all Playoff games. The team that wins two matches advances to the next round.


At this stage, Cloud9 and Fnatic suffered unexpected losses. Especially, KRÜ Esports came to the fore with its dazzling performance.

Acend2 – 0Team Secret
Team Liquid2 – 0Cloud9
Gambit Esports2 – 1X10 CRIT
Fnatic1 – 2KRÜ Esports


The victory of Gambit and Acend in the semifinals stage also determined the finalists of VCT 2021. KRU Esports, which resisted especially until the last match, was highly appreciated by the Valorant community. 

With an unexpected attack, KRU Esports were able to defeat their strong opponents like Sentinels and came to the fore. If you are hesitant about how to choose the right online game, we are sure that you will definitely give Valorant a chance after watching these competitive matches.


2 – 0

Team Liquid

Gambit Esports

2 – 1

KRÜ Esports

VCT 2021 Grand Final


3 – 2

Gambit Esports

And the long-awaited final has arrived. The final match was so exciting and full of action that millions of people watched the live broadcast of the match. After losing in the first map, Acend dominated the game in Map 2 and got an easy win against Gambit. However, seeing the dynamic state of Acend, Gambit showed that they are not an easy opponent by gathering themselves and coming back to the game with full faith.

There was one last chance for Acend, who fell back 2-1. The two teams slugged it out in Icebox and Acend, narrowly won 14-12, and carried the final to the last game.

The last match was played on the 5th map, Split. Especially Turkish player cNed‘s magnificent Jett, who is the most played Agent in Split map, together with starxo‘s Sage, managed to beat Acend Gambit 13-8 and became the first champion of VCT 2021.

Prize Table

Here is the total amount of prizes won from the first team to the 16th team:

1st placeAcend$350,000
2nd placeGambit Esports$150,000
3rd & 4th place
KRÜ Esports and Team Liquid
$90,000 each
5th to 8th place
Cloud9, Fnatic, Team Secret & X10
$40,000 each
9th to 12th place
Team Envy, Sentinels, Vision Strikers & Team Vikings
$20,000 each
13th to 16th place
Keyd Stars, FURIA, Crazy Racoon & Full Sense
$20,000 each


In this article, we presented to you the recap of Valorant Champions 2021, Valorant’s first Championship tournament. If you are a Valorant betting lover or a crazy-spirited player who just enjoys watching games, we hope this Valorant scene has satisfied you. Remember that you can place bets on Valorant using cryptocurrencies, both the major ones and a lot of altcoins. 

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Preparations for the upcoming Valorant Champions 2022 have already begun, so many changes about the tournament are being made, and we can’t wait to see what’s to come.

If you have any questions or want to add something, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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