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World of Warcraft: Are Fist Weapons good in TBC?

Discover the many attributes and characteristics that make the Fist Weapons a powerful contender for your arsenal within your best TBC Items.

In the process of making your character into an influential legend, you need to complete some requirements. First of all, you’ll need to own lots of WoW TBC Gold into your account and purchase the best goods in the game. Indeed, you’ll need coins to pay trainers, which in return will help you unlock the best abilities for your class.

Secondly, you’ll need to reach the end-game by getting the top level (70 in the expansion) and completing the storyline. Methods like the Burning Crusade Power Leveling will guide you in getting into that milestone ASAP.

Lastly, you’ll need the best TBC Items in your inventory/bank. Some of these goods come with unusual names or the “legendary” status. Overall, some weapons in the game will allow you to destroy every threat. Most noteworthy, within World of Warcraft, you’ll find multiple types of weapons that come with stats and unique abilities.

More than looking fantastic, the Fist Weapons come with unique attributes that could make them a perfect choice for your character. Still, though, like any other weapon, they come with advantages and disadvantages. Furthermore, only some classes have the potential to equip them.

This article will discuss if the First Weapons could become the perfect choice for your champion and where to find them.

Are Fist Weapons good in TBC?

Before you can answer this question yourself, you’ll need to learn a lot of attributes that make the Fist Weapon unique. First of all, in WoW Classic TBC, this weapon got some enhancements thanks to the community. Beforehand, they had nothing that could make anyone consider using them in your character. But now, the developers made some changes to their attributes and made them a lot better.

The Fist Weapons have the “Blunt” characteristic and use unarmed skill.

In this expansion, only some of the Classes can learn and use the Fist Weapons. You can equip them with Warriors, Rogues, Shamans, Druids, Hunters at the game’s current state. Moreover, only Warriors, Hunters, Shamans, and Rogues can “Dual Wield” two Fist Weapons. As a result, if you’re playing as a Druid, this equipment isn’t giving you outstanding bonuses.

Furthermore, even if you can Dual Wield with a Hunter, you have better options or builts from different weapons. For example, Polearms or two Swords might give you better stats and make you look badass.  Indeed, if you have some of the powerful Fist Weapons at your disposal, you can always try them out and see how different you perform.

Now, if you’re playing as a Fury Warrior or any Rogue, the Fist Weapons give you many advantages. Indeed, some of the options you can find (both main-hand and offhand) come with outstanding attack speed. Hence, you can deal with tons of critical attacks or activate debuffs upon your enemies. For example, if your champion is a Rogue, you can add poison to the Fist Weapons and see how many times you can make them “sick.”

Above all, the best class that uses the full potential of the Fist Weapon is the Enhancement Shaman. Still, to “make it work,” you need to equip one Fist Weapon with lower attack speed than your Main-hand Weapon. Thanks to Windfury and many other passives, your Shaman gives you additional DPS (Damage per Second).

Where Can You Find Fist Weapons?

It would help if you learned how to use them with the aid of a trainer NPC (Non-Playable Character).  You can find the weapon master in Ogrimmar (Valley of Honor) if you’re from the Horde. Similarly, you can find a similar NPC in Iron Forge or Darnassus from the Alliance.

Furthermore, you can find Fist Weapons within:

  • Vendors: You can easily find these weapons close to where you “learn” how to use them. Additionally, you always have the chance to acquire different types of Fist Weapons from other NPCs.
  • Dungeons and Raids: As you move around the different challenging places of WoW Classic TBC, you can always obtain one of these weapons from random mobs (monsters). Moreover, the most potent enemies (bosses) have higher chances to drop one of these TBC Items when you defeat them.
  • Auction House: Since multiple classes have no advantages when they equip any Fist Weapons, you can see them frequently in the AH. At the same time, since there isn’t too much demand, you can even find a pair at a lower cost.

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