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The Assassin’s Creed Origins Mods you will love

Welcome to the chamber of secrets, the collection of your Assassin’s Creed Origins mods that you can choose to pimp your game. Well, it’s not a secret anymore that players are normally wanting something that is ‘more’ than the original. Something that is different, something that is better. That’s why modders create the mod – so the satisfaction of wanting more can be fulfilled. I mean, games are freedom and you can do anything you want and change everything. Playing to your heart’s content is my motto!

Assassin's Creed Origins mods - better icon picture

And with this list, we will explore what I think is the best list of Assassin’s Creed Origins mods. It may vary not only from one aspect but from different parts of the game like character customization, map detail, and graphic detail. Without further ado, let’s dive in!

Better In-game Icons

Our first assassin’s creed origins mods on our list are this little-but-useful detail and will give a big impact, especially for you who often look into a map to find quests, places, etc. named Better Icons, the mod changes all the icons that looked small into a size that a bit bigger but easy to see. The modded icon will have a geometrical outline and each icon are different, making it easier to recognize. This mod will be more useful especially for new players to read maps easily

This mod made by BrunoHM can be downloaded here: Better Icons at Assassin’s Creed Origins Nexus – Mods and community (

AC ORIGINS graphics mod

Change your original Assassin’s Creed Origins graphic into a more vivid and colorful a-la GTA 5. This mod is basically a port of an infamous GTA 5 Redux. Adding more detail, tuning the lighting, and giving a different vibe like what it did in GTA 5. Because of that, you can expect a drop a little bit in an exchange with a better looking. For me, it’s quite worth it.

This assassin’s creed origins mods can be found on the NexusMods website and the link below can transport you instantly there.

The link: AC ORIGINS graphics mod at Assassin’s Creed Origins Nexus – Mods and community (

Assassin’s Creed Origins Mod: Rebirth Reshade

Done with the icons, off to the graphics. This mod changes the color composition into a bit more realistic than the original one by tuning the color balance to be more natural, adding details to the shadow, and all of the small things that happened here and there. It’s such an amazing choice for people who prefer a bit more natural and down-to-realistic-earth kind of gameplay.

This mod is created by yytssln, can be downloaded here in Assassin’s Creed Origin Rebirth Reshade at Assassin’s Creed Origins Nexus – Mods and community (

Bayek’s Skin Tone Mods

Moving up into graphic modifications into character customization, this is Assassin’s Creed Origins mods for Bayek’s Skin Tone. As the name implies, this AC Origins mod changes the skin tone of Bayek the Main Character. There are four options that you can choose, either a darker color skin or a bit lighter color skin. You can choose your preference.

Created by AshiteratsuAka, the mod can be found here Bayek Skin Tones at Assassin’s Creed Origins Nexus – Mods and community (

AC Origins Nude mods Collections

Now, this is the most interesting part of the world of modding. The Assassin’s Creed Origins Nude Mods collection is the compilation of all nude mods that can be found on the internet. For example, making the Character’s outfit disappear is one of the things, like the Nude Bayek (Forger). Or Topless Amunet that will make Amunet or Aya appear to be… topless. Or even making Cleopatra show a bit of her skin with Naked (Topless) Cleopatra. It’s an easy fit.

True Desert Raider – Skin Retexture

the Savannah Marauder Outfit is one of the fine pieces that you can get easily, as easily as you can buy it from the tailor. But the skin is kinda… ordinary if I can say. It’s well-blended with the environment, but monotone in color and lacks details. Can we change it? Of course. With this True Desert Raider – Skin Retexture mods can do it for you. Simply changing the detail, making the Leopard skin more visible, and changing the metal color more into a gold-ish style.

This mod is created by NicoCintra, can be downloaded here in True Desert Raider – Skin Retexture at Assassin’s Creed Origins Nexus – Mods and community (

Captain America Shield And Modern Themed Outfit

One of the most unique Assassin’s Creed Origins mods that you can find within the NexusMods space. This mod will give you a more modern look for the outfit and change the shield into the iconic Captain America shield complete with the Star Pattern. Yeap, that’s right! And now you can fight the Order of the Ancients in style. Well, it might be less complete without the iconic Captain America helmet though, but I think it’s enough.

The Captain America Shield is created by BHAVYAPRASHANT and can be downloaded here in Captain America Shield And Modern Themed Outfit at Assassin’s Creed Origins Nexus – Mods and community (

Chinese Assassins Outfit

Back to the Assassin’s Creed universe is the Chinese Assassins outfit that Bayek can use, thanks to this Origins mod. It is inspired by the main character of the Assassin’s Creed Chronicles: China, it allows you to change the Egyptian Wahid Outfit and modify it with Jun’s outfit element. The outfit is quite cool though and for those who have played the game, you will feel nostalgic after installing this. For you who haven’t played the game, this outfit is quite cool though. Red and black are the best match!

Anyway, the most are created by Foedawg, can be downloaded here in Chinese Assassin Outfit at Assassin’s Creed Origins Nexus – Mods and community (

Prince of Persia Outfit

Who says you cannot play Assassin’s Creed Origins with the Prince of Persia character? Well… at the moment, you can’t do it but there is one mod that will transform you into something more Prince of Persia-ish. The name is Prince of Persia Outfit created by  SoulSif, which allows you to retexture the Persian Prince outfit into something that resembles the outfit of the main character in Prince of Persia.

Find the link here if you want to download the mods! Prince of Persia outfit at Assassin’s Creed Origins Nexus – Mods and community (

AC Origins Inventory Editor

Moving into a more systematic mod that you can download for your Assassin’s Creed game. This Assassin’s Creed Origins mod allows you to change the in-game inventory with everything that you want, in an amount that you like as long as it’s still within the game capacity. Add more arrows, remove items or anything. It’s your freedom and you are free to do anything!

Assassin’s Creed Origins is a fun game nonetheless. Even with no Assassin’s Creed Origins mods, the graphics are top-notch even though it was created in 2017 and the gameplay is amazing. It’s the genesis of the RPG era that started in the Layla Hassan era. As always, just a bit of note… because mods are something of an illegal act that is hated by Ubisoft, always use it to your own risk.

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