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The Assassin’s Creed Unity Cheat – All you need to know

Assassin’s Creed Unity cheat is something you need to spice up your gaming experience when playing this game. But why? now try to answer these questions below:

Have you been playing the game but getting bored with the default gameplay and player’s ability? Do you want to lift your freedom but mods just modify your graphics detail?

Well if the answers are yes, then the Assassin’s Creed Unity Cheat is something you are looking for.

Unlike mods, The cheat engine or also known as a trainer works in different ways. It can modify the character’s ability until exceeding limits or beyond. It can work to a degree in which you can even one-punch the final boss but… don’t hope too much. Haha

As you have stumbled into this article, I can say you are thirsting for knowledge on cheat engine information and you are looking for a reference for the game you installed. With this Assassin’s Creed Unity Cheat compilations, I might be able to help you, even for a little. One thing you need to understand, cheats might not available for all consoles. So if you need assassin’s creed unity cheats PC, Xbox One, or PS4, you might want to check the community in the respected environment for more details.

Assassin's Creed Unity Cheat

So without further a due, I will review some of the most well-known cheats for AC Unity. So let’s check them out.

Assassin’s Creed Unity Cheat: AnvilNEXT64

Our very first list is this cheat, can do more than one thing with just a press of a button… to be precise, the Numpad button to unlock the Assassin’s Creed Unity’s god mode, refill the player’s health, refill all the equipment, and toggle to vanish. To be able to use this cheat, you basically need to have Cheat Engine – an app that is able to open the cheat system. If you already own one, simply download the system and use it together with the Cheat Engine. Got a bit complicated but it can work basically on any version of the Assassin’s Creed Unity game.

If you want to download the cheat engine, you can click here: Assassin’s Creed: Unity – AnvilNEXT64 Cheats and more.. – FearLess Cheat Engine (

Assassin’s Creed: Unity – v1.5 +10 Trainer

The simpler version of the aforementioned cheats, without the need to download a third-party application to use it. This Assassin’s Creed Unity cheat engine can give you the ability like unlimited money, throwable weapons, infinite skill points even enabling the god mode. It has quite a lot of functions with just a click of a button. to use the cheat, make sure you have the Assassin’s Creed Unity version 1.5 to be able to use the game properly. Otherwise, it might get crashed or malfunction.

The cheat code that I mentioned can be downloaded here: Assassin’s Creed: Unity GAME TRAINER v1.5 +10 Trainer – download |

Mr. Antifun Assassin’s Creed Unity Trainer

If you are playing the game using Uplay, then this trainer is perfect for you. Mr. Antifun has been released different mods and the Assassin’s Creed Unity Trainer is one of them. It comes in a form of applications and you can enable/disable it just with a button. Simply open the trainer, open the game from Uplay then voila! You can make everything unlimited, enabling the Ghost mode and refilling your health. Sadly there’s no option for God Mode though, but it might be available in the future.

Feeling this is the one that you look for? Simply go to the link here: Assassin’s Creed Unity Trainer | MrAntiFun, PC Video Game Trainers, Cheats, and mods

Assassin’s Creed Unity Trainer by 9Trainer

This trainer is created by 9Trainer that solves the problem for all the gamers who play the game through Steam or Origin but find it quite hard to play. Simply add the mod into the game directory, right-click to enable the ability that you would like to choose, or just enable them all. Aha

The ability you can choose is Invisibility, unlimited throwable weapons, all mission unlocked, one-hit-kill, and many more. You can download the mod here: Assassins Creed Unity Trainer Free Download (


From all of the list above, this is the mod that for me, is the best. It offers an easy-to-use experience, it has many games to choose and is relatively safe for the game as it doesn’t require you to add anything into the game directory.

The mod came in the form of an application with different options to choose from refill health, ghost mode, unlimited throwable weapons, unlimited ammo, creed points, sync points, and many more. It’s definitely good but at the moment WeMod is only available for most of the Steam games and less for other platforms like Origins, UPlay, or even epic games. But I think there are lots of people who download the games from Steam so It’s not that big of a problem. 

To use it, it’s simple. Just open WeMod, and choose to “Play the game”. to download it, it’s simple. Just click the link here: WeMod – Thanks for downloading!

A wise wisdom

Cheat engines, trainers, and mods are the form of freedom in gaming. You can do almost everything, download any kind of cheats and play the game however you like. It’s just a little note though, using the mod inappropriately can lead the game into corruption, sometimes even damaging your system. So always use it at your own risk.

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