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How To Spawn Sanchez Dirt Bike With Dirt Bike Cheat GTA 5

The Dirt Bike Cheat GTA 5 will welcome you to the easiest way to travel around more easily than using a four-wheeled vehicle. Well, Flying is definitely fun, getting on the water is enjoyable, especially going underwater! But there’s nothing that can beat the feeling of keeping yourself on land and traveling with wheels, I’m talking about the dirt bike and it becomes easier because dirt bikes cheat GTA 5 that can spawn dirt bikes everywhere, anywhere!

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Because freedom is the ultimate keyword for the Grand Theft Auto 5 game, it means you can do anything you want, play the game however you want and go around the world with anything you want. But I can say there’s nothing that is more pleasant than using the dirt bike. Going around faster than the road car, going up and down the mountain easier than using… um… superbike. I mean, seriously.

There are these cases where you take your dirt bike to the mountain and then fall down. Then, your bike disappeared out of the blue. Kinda frustrating right? But don’t worry! We have something that is called Cheat Codes to share with you who have stumbled into this kind of situation multiple times.
Dirt bike spawn GTA 5

Because cheat works differently from console to console, the tutorial is also given for multiple platforms as well. Shall we check it up?


If this is the first time you are cheating, you need to understand something before we go further. I know GTA 5 has a built-in cheat system. But applying the cheat will remove your ability to get achievements once you finish a quest in the game. Therefore, always do things at your own risk!

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The dirt bike cheat GTA 5 for PC

To do the cheat, first, you need to push the ~ button that is located between Esc and Tab buttons. Doing this will summon the Cheat Code command box that will appear in the middle of the screen. The box has a rectangular shape, colored in black with “Cheat Code” written above it. It’s easily distinguishable, right?

Inside the command box, you need to type OFFROAD and enter. Then, the Sanchez dirt bike will be spawned in front of you. Easy peasy lemon squeezy!

If you feel like that’s a bit mainstream to do, you can also use your cellphone to call the Sanchez Dirt bike… I mean, to input the cheat. Simply click the Up arrow button and your phone will appear on the bottom right corner. Using the arrow key, move into the Numpad section. Then type 1-999-633-7623 then click call. Your dirt bike will appear in front of you.

The Dirt bike Cheat GTA 5 for Console (Xbox & Playstation)

Unlike the other games, cheating in GTA 5 console can be considered different in a way. Because the console game doesn’t require you to get inside the cheat command box to input the code.

For Xbox One and Xbox 360, you need to press B, A, LB, B, B, LB, B, RB, RT, LT, LB, LB on the joystick then the Sanchez dirt bike will appear right afterward.

For Playstation 3 and Playstation 4, you need to press  Circle, X, L1, Circle, Circle, L1, Circle, R1, R2, L2, L1, L1 on the joystick then a Sanchez dirt bike will appear in front of you.
Dirt Bike Cheat GTA 5

There are things to note especially for inputting the cheat codes in the console. Make sure that you type the cheat step by step, from the beginning to the end without missing anything. And also, try to type it a bit faster, okay?

Just remember. Gaming is as fun as you can and as free as you can! Using the cheat, you can do the GTA 5 motocross across Los Santos! And play the game to your heart’s content!

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