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29 March 2022
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5 Games Like Spore If You Love Creativity

From a pure cell, into a fish, then walk on the land until the moment you will do space exploration. Yap, I’m talking about the game called Spore. Simple, yet creative at the moment it was released in 2008. The concept of creating your own character is definitely one of the selling points of this game, other than playing with the other players through online networking. 

Years have passed and game-like Spore always becomes memories. Now when there’s time we need to choose a new similar game like Spore, it’s kinda tricky because nothing can resemble Spore, especially in terms of character creation. That’s why I’m here with my list of 5 games similar to Spore. Without further ado, let’s go jump into the content!


Games Like Spore

Taking the first step into our compilation of games like spore compilation is this game developed by Revolutionary Games Studio and meant only for PC, macOS, and Linux. One example of a game that can be played while being actively developed by a group of developers around the world who work voluntarily to make this game great. Although the development began a decade ago, the game only got a little bit of improvement from the future goal. Despite that, Thrive can give you quite a good gaming experience.

Start your journey as a microbe stage and evolve yourself by eating some important molecules like glucose and ammonia to reach your evolve stage. Once you added a new feature to your microbe, the population will increase and you’ll see lots of microbes like you. 

The future plan of Thrive is really similar to the Spore game – starting as a microbe and undergoing some evolution, until the time when you’ll do a space travel journey. Definitely looking forward to this!


Games Like Spore

If you played Spore and finally looking for some quirky games to play, then flOw can be one of the options for a game that is similar to Spore. The story of flOw is quite unique, originally created as a free flash game in 2006 by Jenova Chen and Nicholas Clark. Soly created to serve as  Jenova Chen’s master’s thesis. Then, it began to grow and reach the console level as it is released on Playstation 3. This game also receives numerous awards like Best Downloadable Game at Game Developers Choice Awards in 2008.

The keyword for this game is simplicity. You will require to navigate a worm-like artistical alien creature and just “flow” through the space to eat another creature. Once you eat it, your body will begin to grow longer/bigger and eventually will grow wings across its artsy body. 

The game is quite cute in my opinion. The art style is simply breathtaking and the background music, as well as the sound effect, are the biggest point of this game. Can’t just stop playing this, will go to install it once again. 


Games similar to spore

If a game like flOw isn’t your cup of tea and you prefer to have some shape and pixelated, then Sproots will be a better option. Created by an Indie game called Sokpop Collective. It’s a cute game with cute gameplay and a cute design as well. If you look for a spore-like survival colonist game, then it will be for you. 

The aim of this game is to create a colony of Pikmins and help them to gather food and water. The Pikmin is also able to learn new things for survival. Create a spear to hunt bugs that steal their foods, make a nest and so many more! The archenemies of the Pikmin are the bugs that will steal everything the Pikmin Has. so you need to defend yourself.

The Eternal Cylinder

Games similar to spore

If the little Cuteness of Sproot can’t take your focus away, then this might be quite a good option. Introducing the Eternal Cylinder, the survival game that takes place on a planet where a giant cylinder rolls to destroy the surface in a galaxy far far away.

Players control a creature named Trebhums, a creature with the ability to evolve into a better version of itself. Traveling around the planet, gathering the blue light to be placed in a tower that is able to stop the movement of the giant cylinder and prevent the destruction that will bring trebhums to extinct. 

The concept of monster evolution is similar to the spore game. While the Trebhums evolve, they will receive a new ability to help in every mission. Although the difference is just in the giant cylinder that will destroy everything. Otherwise, this game is a great option for games like spore. 

No Man’s Sky

Games similar to spore

If you love the part where you do the space exploration, then No Man’s Sky is one of the options for games like spore. It’s the Space-exploration action survival game that takes the space journey into a reality… I mean, not really into a real reality but in a game. 

The No Man’s Sky is a controversial game that is created by Hello Games. It was hyped before the release but stumbled afterward. After the new updates, people began to play it again and somehow it looks like a good game! Even I like it though.

Final Verdict 

Getting yourself a game that is similar to Spore can be quite tricky because it’s a rare occasion where a game can be quite identical to the other games. Well, it’s not the case with Thrive though, because the design of the microbe is quite similar to Spore although there’s a difference here and there. 

Well, playing games is sure fun! But always understand that there’s a limit of hours you can play games. Always remember to rest a little bit and then continue again after an hour or more. Always play to your heart’s content! 

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