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7 Pink Themed PC Items To Complete Your Gaming PC Setup

Eureka L60 Corner Gaming Desk 

pink gaming pc

Starting up our pink gaming PC setup with the most important element to have for your pc – is the desk. But not an ordinary desk, it’s an L-shaped Desk that maximizes the space used in your gaming room. Furthermore, it comes in Pink color to increase your pinkness! 

The Eureka L60 Corner Gaming Desk’s surface is made with an EPA-certified Particle Board with legs made of commercial-grade steel. These combinations made the desk has the power to hold up to 500lbs (more than 200kg) which is quite impressive for a gaming desk. 

Oh, it also has a space for your cable management as well and the pink-white color combinations are superb! Must have definitely. 

Valkyrie Gaming PC by

pink gaming pc

To fill your desk, how about we pimp it with a bit of pink prebuilt gaming PC? Yap, that’s the most important element to have in our pink gaming PC setup, isn’t it? Introducing the Valkyrie Gaming PC by, a pink gaming PC with specs that is enough to play any AAA games you can buy. 

Comes in a total pink-colored Mid-tower PC case that has no disturbance of any other colors making the pink more appealing than ever. But don’t be fooled by the softness of the color, because once you open the side glass panel, you will then know it’s not meant for joking around. 

The Valkyrie has an AMD Ryzen 7 5800X 8-core processor as its heart with 32GB of RAM that is created by combining 4 8GB of RAMs altogether). The GPU, is the Nvidia Geforce RTX 3080Ti 12GB, 1TB NVME SSD with additional 2TB SATA HDD 5400RPM. To cool it down, the PC is equipped with Pink RGB-LED fans which will be mounted from the front to the back. Also support Windows 11 64GB for the OS. 

Well, all the specs here are a beast indeed. That’s why expect the price to reach around US$ 3,800-ish if you wish for those specs inside your PC. But, it’s good news for you. These specs are customizable on the website so you can press the price as low as you want and you can get what you need. Otherwise, this PC is like a leopard with a pink rabbit body. 

Razer Basilisk Mouse, Quartz Pink Edition

pink gaming pc

When we talk about gaming mouses, there are lots of different variations that we can choose from, from the most basic to the all-rounder gaming mouses. From so many colors to the specific one, like pink. But what if we talk about a professional gaming mouse? Well, that’s a different story. 

The name’s Razer Basilisk. A simple-looking RGB gaming mouse packed with power that is equal to its flagship mouse, the DeathAdder Elite. The mouse is equipped with its own Advanced 5G optical sensor that can handle up to 16,000 dpi and it’s programmable, as well as the 11 buttons around the mouse. One of the interesting features is the DPI clutch which is situated on the front-left side. It is removable to make sure you don’t press it accidentally

The most important part about this mouse is, it comes in three different colors – the Classic Black which is their signature color, Mercury White, and most importantly the Quartz Pink which has a combination of grey on the palm rest. Make it a good candidate for our pink gaming PC setup. 


pink gaming pc

What is better than an ordinary black-colored gaming laptop? Yas, it’s the pink-themed gaming laptop that comes in a combination of blue-grey with diagonal stripes texture on the right. Also complete with its own palm rest as well. It’s the pink-themed gaming keyboard that you will need. 

But don’t be fooled because of its cute looks, because this beast is definitely a pro mechanical keyboard for you to have. Packed with Cherry MX RGB Switches which are famous among gamers as one of the best keyboard switches for gaming. 

Not only that, it comes with features as well. I’m talking about the buttons to control your media, and a customizable illuminated acrylic ROG badge on the top right because, why not? 

Secret Lab Titan Evo 2022 Pink Gaming Chair

pink gaming pc

A specialized chair is definitely needed for your comfort while playing games for hours. We needed eventually, to make sure our performance wouldn’t drop down just because of a chair. Therefore, Secret Lab created the Titan. A gaming chair that is totally customizable directly by the factory. 

When I say customizable, I really mean it. You can choose the size from S, M, or XL, the upholstery, or the cover which will determine the color or pattern that you can choose. Since we prefer pink for our gaming PC setup, then the Secretlab Neo Hybrid Leatherette or SoftWeave Plus Fabric can be a good option. 

Ps: there are also various special editions that you can choose from, everything depends on you.

Razer Kraken Kitty Gaming Headphones

pink pc

A gaming headphone is one of the important elements to choose for our pink gaming PC setup. Especially if you play FPS games like Apex Legends or Survivor Horror which required you to listen to every bit of voice. Among all, there is one headphone that is standing out from the others, it is the Razer Kraken Kitty Edition with something that is called “the Meow Factor”.

Comes in two different variations – Black or our favorite color, Quartz Pink which is equipped with a cat ear RGB light setup on the headband. The RGB lights also come from both sides as well and are customizable to create any color combinations that you like. 

Inside, the Kraken Kitty is equipped with a 50mm driver, retractable boom mic, and fabricated cable which increases its durability. If you don’t like it with cable, there is also the Razer Kraken Kitty Bluetooth version that you can buy.  

AOC AGON AG273FXR 27″ Gaming Pink Monitor

pink pc

Aside from all these pink gaming PC accessories, getting yourself a pink gaming monitor can be quite a challenge because there are only a limited amount of items that come in pink color. It’s either you custom-made it, or the best you can get is actually white.

Fortunately, that’s not the case with the company named AOC as they created the AGON AG273FXR 27″ Gaming Pink Monitor. It might not be totally pink like the Valkyrie gaming PC, but the combination of pink and white isn’t something that you can ignore. Especially if you are a hardcore pink fan. 

The AGON Gaming Pink monitor comes in a 27” IPS Display with a resolution of 1920×1080 with sRGB color reaching 119% and 165Hz Refresh rate. Also, you will find a built-in RGB lighting on the back that will light your day up thanks to Light FX light effects. Considering all of that, the AGON Gaming Pink Monitor will be an ideal addition to our pink gaming PC setup. And now, everything is complete!

Final Verdict 

Getting yourself a themed gaming PC is one of the challenges that you can get, but it always leads us to satisfaction because we finally are able to play the game however we want, in an environment that supports us totally. You don’t need to be afraid to show who you are through the colors you pick. Because it’s you and it’s your personality. And picking the best gear for your gaming is definitely a must! So don’t be afraid to save a bit for better quality. 

The list here is just a reference of mine, and I really (really) want to hear your opinions on which gaming accessories that you would like to have to complete your PC gaming setup. Regardless of the colors, everything is beautiful on its own. Remember that!

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