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The Calisto Protocol – The Masterpiece of Dead Space’s Former Creator

While the news about Dead Space Remake has already gone to the surface with the official gameplay release, it doesn’t get rid of the fact that we wouldn’t get the next Dead Space 4… At least not yet. And when EA announced that Visceral Games will be shut down, then I began to be sure I won’t get the next Dead Space game. 

A few years afterward, the game called Calisto Protocol was announced with its game teaser. It looks absolutely promising with a little bit of a Dead Space atmosphere to it… then when I knew the one who created this game was Glen Schofield, then I’m sure it would be the Dead Space successor. For those who don’t know yet, Glen Schofield is one of the creators of Dead Space. Yap, that’s right. 

For further information, here’s the short trailer of Callisto Protocol:

The Callisto Protocol – from Dead Space creator trailer review

While breaking down the trailer, we can conclude that this game takes place in a prison. The cinematic trailer shows a guy with an orange suit that looks like something for prisoners to use. He wakes up with a hologram that doesn’t look like it works properly. He knocks on his friend’s bed and asks him to get up, then sees a malfunctioned robot outside of his cell. 

Realizing that things didn’t really go right, he began to hear a growling sound from behind, slowly moving his head 180 degrees to see his friend mutated and eventually attacked him. While terrified by the mutated monster, the camera zoomed out into a place that looks like a monitoring room. 

The guy with a dark blue uniform then stands up and walks to the window, looking into the prison building with Planet Jupiter behind it. In that scene, we knew the game would take place in space, on one of Jupiter’s satellites called Callisto, hence the game name. 

It is then known that the Colony that the game takes place in is indeed located in One of Jupiter’s satellites and the place name is the Black Iron Prison.

The Dead Space Element inside

Created by Glen Schofield, we will expect some elements that we have seen in the Dead Space game. One of them is the health bar which shows how healthy you are. In the Dead Space game, the health bar is located on the player’s backbone from below the neck to above the waist. On the Callisto Protocol, the health bar is located on the neck and placed horizontally. 

The other thing to notice is the concept of mutating humans into monsters. In the Dead Space Game, humans mutated through the electromagnetic resonance from the Markers and turned them into something that is called Necromorph. The trailer of the Callisto Protocol is vague enough and cannot really confirm everything before the official announcement is being held, but I’m sure the same-but-different concept will be used with a better story and graphics. 

Some New Art of Work In Progress

Getting just a little bit of a trailer makes us can’t help but stay curious every time. But then The Callisto Protocol Official Twitter retweeted some of the game’s artworks which shows an amazing piece of the game. 

The Artworks: 

It’s The Part of PUBG Universe

While being a sci-fi survival horror game, Schofield said that the Callisto Protocol is actually a part of the PUBG Universe. Despite that, he said the game won’t be a battle royale but instead, still keep his signature third-person survival game. 

It’s even supported by the fact that The Callisto Protocol’s name can be seen on You’ll see the game is still locked because it’s not even finished yet. 

The Final Verdict

Since the game’s trailer was released back in 2020, the game is actually planned to be released in E3 2020 this year. Although there’s no definite information about the date, I just hope the developers will take their time to make a good game. 

While I already accept the fact that Dead Space 4 won’t be released, I am still happy that Dead Space’s Creator got the chance to make another Sci-fi 3rd Person Horror Survival game. From the trailer, I can see it looks promising and will be worth the wait.

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