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9 May 2022

The Need For Speed Heat – Does it worth playing in 2022?

The iconic Need for Speed Heat. The famous game that is well known for its customization and street racing, with a little bit twist of “Catch me If You Can” by the cop. I think nobody doesn’t know about the Need for Speed game. From The total action of Need for Speed Most Wanted to the most famous of all the time – the NFS Underground 2 that gives you total control of customization – from the bumper to the trunk audio. Or perhaps you prefer a full-fledged cop-chase game like the NFS Hot Pursuit? Anything. 

After the evolution within the Need for Speed franchise, the latest NFS game has become the pinnacle of what the developer is capable of. If you are the NFS fans, you will know what I’m talking about. Yap, it’s the Need for Speed: Heat. 

It has been a few years since it was released back in 2019. I still remember it becomes my wishlist back then and finally bought the game. I just wonder if 2022 is still the year of Need for Speed Heat? Why don’t we find out together? 

What’s Need For Speed Heat

The Need for Speed is a game with a story – it talks about the main character which is you, the playable character that you can customize yourself, with the main heroine named Ana Riviera. The story begins when you bought the car with Lucas Riviera and choose your starter car (mine is a Nissan 180SX type X). 

After meeting with Ana, both of them formed a crew to become number one in Palm City and somehow stumbled upon a situation where they meet corrupted cops who stole her beloved Nissan 350Z. 

The main mission here is to win the race, increase your reputation, and finally defeat the corrupted cop’s leader who (spoiler alert!) used the NFS Most wanted Hero Car, the customized BMW M3 GTR. 

System Requirements for Need For Speed Heat

Before playing the game, you will definitely need to know if your setup can run the game, and to be honest, you can’t really compare it with the games like Need for Speed Most Wanted, or Hot Pursuit Remaster. 

According to Ea’s official website, the minimum requirements to play the game is 8GB of RAM, Intel Core i5-3570/AMD FX-6350, the Nvidia Geforce GTX 760/AMD Radeon R9 280X graphics card or equivalent. 

The recommended setting is 16GB of RAM, AMD Ryzen 3 1300X/Intel Core i7-4790, Geforce GTX 1060/ Radeon RX480 graphics card or equivalent (can be higher though). 

The most important thing to note is that the game will require you to have a 50GB of space in your hard drive so, save your money for that 🙂

In-game feature

The main point of NFS Heat is to customize your car and race to get reputation and cash, so you can customize it again and again and again. Therefore, the main appeal of this game, as always, is the ability to customize almost any cars that you can buy. 

After done with the customization, it’s time to race! It features different kinds of racing, from circuits, to sprints, and drift. Since the NFS Payback introduced the Off-road racing, the NFS Heat has it too! But don’t expect to get that special customization that the payback has offered in the game. 

Playing in two different time zone, each time represents what you are looking for. Racing in the day to get cash, and going out at the night to get reps. You can still earn cash/reputations even though you don’t reach the number 1 position, but the first is definitely the best. 

All kinds of Cars, with the absence of one. 

The Need for Speed game is famous for its diverse collection of cars. From the JDM like Mazda RX-7 FD Spirit R, to the Exotic Koeniggseg Regera, or the rare Ferrari F40. Even the collection of Porsche Cars is there. But instead, there is only one car brand that is absent in the latest NFS Heat game. 


I’m talking about the decision for Toyota to not include the famous Toyota Supra in the NFS: Heat. The reason is Toyota doesn’t really promote illegal street racing anymore, but you can find the car in a game like Gran Turismo. Not only the Toyota Supra is absent, but the Toyota Gt86 also isn’t there either as well as Takumi’s Trueno AE86. 

Does NFS Is Worth To Play In 2022?

And the question goes back into square one – does it worth playing the game in 2022? In my opinion, the absence of the MK4 Toyota Supra is a big loss for the game, but I don’t think that’s the game’s weakness. The Need for Speed Heat is still an awesome game with awesome graphics, nice gameplay, diverse car options, and its customization, as well as the character customization which… is a minor feature because I’m more into the car than the character. 

Even though the GT86 isn’t in the franchise anymore, There’s the Subaru BRZ which is the twin brother of the mentioned car. And even if you can’t drive with the Supra, you can still get the other JDM cars like the FD RX-7, Nissan 350Z or 370Z, or the Honda NSX. with so many options, I believe you can’t custom every car on the market. Trust me, 

So the point is, that you will love Need for Speed Heat if you love customization. Although it might be not as good as the NFS Underground 2 and NFS Most wanted, it’s still a good game to play. 

I recommend getting the game when the discount time comes in Steam or Origins. Once you bought it, always play it to your heart’s content. 

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