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Final Fantasy 16 Second Trailer Has Out

I feel so excited when I know Square Enix is still making the next Final Fantasy games. I mean… The FF7 Remake is definitely a huge hit and FF15 is the final version of their infamous prototype Final Fantasy Versus 13. Maybe both are totally different games but, it’s better than nothing right? And you must be watched the April Fool’s Final Fantasy XVII trailer right? The hope is high but it’s just an April fool’s joke.

Then, once upon a time, PlayStation released the new trailer released in their official YouTube channel. 

For those who have followed the trails, the Final Fantasy 16 was released a year ago on PS’s official YouTube channel with the title Final Fantasy XVI – Awakening trailer. Then, three days ago, the new trailer has been released showing off the gameplay and a few stories. With the word that you might familiar with, like Garuda, Bahamut, Ifrit, Phoenix, Shiva, and a bit many more. It might be the monster summoner of the character?

Then PlayStation released a new trailer that include the gameplay footage as well, showing off how well Square Enix built their Final Fantasy game, also announced the release date will be in the summer of next year. Hopefully, it can go well. 

Anyway, here’s the trailer that you have been waiting for:

The new Final Fantasy 16

Final Fantasy 16 is the new game with an Action role-playing game as its genre. It still focuses on character development through leveling system, and you can do it by killing enemies or completing quests. Of course, the character customization is there as well so, don’t worry 🙂

But when we talk about the story, it can be a little bit different from the predecessor. While the Final Fantasy has a modern era as the time setup, the FF16 uses the medieval-fantasy era as the basic. 

Crystals and Crystals

If you follow the Final Fantasy game from the beginning until the end, you will know that the stories will revolve around the crystal. Well, FF 16 isn’t really that different. The story focuses on the fantasy world called Valisthea, the place where you can find what it’s called the Mothercrystals.

There are three main characters in the main story, such as Clive and Joshua Rosenfield who are siblings, and Jill Warik. Together they undergo a journey to save the world from the evil dead! 


According to the new trailer, the gameplay will focus more on the action with an addition of an RPG in it. Means, that no Turn-based, no waiting until your turn arrived, just a pure hack’s slash like the FF15. Some players might miss it but Square Enix has taken a different route at the moment and I believe it isn’t something bad. 

Anyway, It seems that the summoned Monsters are also a thing here based on the newly-released trailer. There are quite a few familiar names that you can find, like Bahamut, Shiva, Titan, Ifrit, and Phoenix. If you played the game, these are basically the name of the monsters that you can summon during the battle session and the appearance will be totally different from what you have seen in the previous Final Fantasy game. 

Final Verdict

After experiencing the second trailer, there are lots of questions popped up but one thing is for sure, the Final Fantasy 16 will be exclusively released on Playstation 5. There is no plan to expand the platforms at the moment but what I can say is that we can wait for it. Like the God of War, it seems the PC release of FF16 will take time. Perhaps longer. 

Another thing, I haven’t seen Chocobo appear in the trailer and I kinda miss Chocobo TBH. Hopefully, Square Enix wouldn’t forget him/her in the game. Aside from that, I’m happy to listen that Bahamut will become a summon monster as well as Ifrit, Shiva, Titan and so many more. 

It’s better to wait up a little bit for the miracle! 2023 isn’t long guys!!

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