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7 Key Tips to Becoming a Better Player in Apex Legends

Why would anyone not want to become a better player at their favorite games? That’s an achievable feat, provided you’re ready to put some time into practice. Moreover, it’s not about just practicing since you can be doing the wrong thing.

You have to make those practice hours count by practicing things that will help you grow. So, in this article, we’ll be sharing 7 tips to help you get better at Apex Legends. Lastly, do well to arm yourself with apex legends hacks and cheats.

Tips to becoming a better Apex Legends player

  • Understand character abilities

Just like many other battle royale games, Apex legends have many different characters. The only tweak, however, is that these characters have unique abilities. Each character in the game has three different abilities – the ultimate, passive, and tactical.

Each character has a single passive ability. The tactical ability can be used in the match as many times as possible. Lastly, the ultimate ability charges over time and should be used sparsely. Lifeline, for example, uses his Healing Drone Ultimate ability to heal his teammates.

  • Don’t stick with a single set of weapons.

Whatever game you’re playing, there’ll always be a variety of combat scenarios. Game developers spice up their games with balanced doses of close-range, mid-range, and long-range flights. Get an SMG or a shotgun for close-quarter combats. 

To complement it, also get a rifle for long-range fights. For such fights as this, some of the best long-range weapons in the game are the Cannon and the Wingman. Knowing when and how to swap these different classes will go a long way in improving your gameplay.

  • Know the different ammo classes

Weapons have corresponding ammo, which is distinguished by color. So, there are faded brown, green, red, and yellow colors. Faded brown ammo goes for the smaller SMGs and pistols, while green ammo is for bigger weapons such as the Cannon or Wingman.

Yellow ammo is meant for special weapons in the game and is rare compared to others. An example of a weapon where you can use yellow ammo is the Devotion machine gun. Lastly, you have the red-colored ammo, which goes for all shotguns.


  • Maximize the training mode

You can’t become good at any task you don’t spend time practicing, and the same applies to Apex Legends. Thankfully, the game offers a training mode where players can spend time learning about the maps and available weapons.

More so, you should also use this mode to improve your aiming. Impressively, this mode has several moving targets as well as fixed targets. Perfecting in the training mode will make your main game a walkover.

  • Learn to move about efficiently

Your knowledge of the Apex Legends map is a must if you want to make an impact in your games. The training mode should help you with this. Moreover, always know a nearby exit just in case of a surprise fight when you and your team are not ready.

Also, remember to holster your weapon when you’re not using it. It allows you to move faster. Lastly, don’t forget that the playable area of the map is shrinking with time, and stay out of danger.

  • You need strategies coupled with patience.

You’ll continue dabbling and dying all the time if you rush aggressively into fights without a game plan in mind. Apex Legends requires patience, more importantly, aiming and movement. If you’re not sure of a shot, don’t pull the trigger. 

More importantly, seeming cowardice is better than dying. Therefore, plan your strategies to cover scenarios where you must run away and plan an effective return.

  • Train with different characters

You have the training mode for tests and experiments on apex legends, and the different Legends are worth some of that training time too. Train with them and know their abilities. This knowledge helps you to choose your main game character.

Also, you stand a better chance when you’re up against an opponent who has weapons and abilities you’re familiar with. That way, you know what to expect and how to tackle them.


To make such progress in Apex Legends, you’ll need to put some time into the training mode. Above all, make sure you have strategies in place. In addition to other things, select your weapons and legends carefully. Practice these tips, and you can be sure of substantial progress in a short space of time.

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