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KILLRUN Trainer and Cheat Engine Table 2022

KILLRUN is a speedy action and time-based first-person shooter (FPS) game from developer BULKHEAD and was published also by BULKHEAD. This game was released in August 2022 with all reviews on Steam shown Mostly Positive. In this game, you need to be fast to win, but the only way to get all the stars is by making your own routes and becoming an expert at strafing, strafe hopping, and sliding.

In KILLRUN, you’ll feel every bullet as if it’s really happening. With BULKHEAD Studios’ focus on ‘feelback’, the gunplay is more realistic than ever before. You can also compete against others and yourself. Set the bar for real competition with the friends-only leaderboards.

We’ve prepared a list of the finest KILLRUN Trainer and Cheat Engine Table features to make your game more pleasurable, whether it be No Reload, Unlimited Ammo, or Refill Health. We offer everything you’ll need, so go ahead and take a look!


KILLRUN Trainer from

You can discover your first free KILLRUN trainer at Plitch. Download now and play with our free and premium codes, you’ll be able to explore new strategies to enjoy the game!

Unlimited Ammo

Refill Health

Low Health

No Reload



Please check the video of the KILLRUN game trailer below for your reference before playing the game. Once we get the new sources, we will update from other resources such as Plitch, WeMod, CheatHappens, Fling, or Cheat Evolution.

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