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Stardeus Trainer and Cheat Engine Table 2022

Stardeus is a strategy simulation RPG about a broken starship manned by drones and hibernating human survivors is the setting for this story. This game is developed by Kodo Linija and was published by Paradox Arc in October 2022. In this procedurally generated universe, you will take on the role of an immortal AI. You will have to decide whether to save or exploit your human crew and use your drones to repair your starship as you travel the stars.

The newest edition of Stardeus Trainer is now available and better than ever. However, sometimes you need a little assistance in order to complete an event or mission.

The Equilibrium system regulates oxygen and heat exchange in each tile of the game map. The properties of tiles, like insulation and airtightness, can change depending on real-time factors (e.g., the size of an opening door or the amount of damage a wall has taken).

On a standard 320×320 map, this process happens in over 100000 tiles simultaneously. Plus, it’s quick and efficient because it runs on the GPU.

Stardeus Trainer

Assemble your ship piece by piece, designing it as you go to ensure that it meets all of your needs and desires. Maintain a balanced distribution of oxygen, heat, and power throughout the ship to keep everyone alive and healthy for the long haul.

In this game, you are the AI, and your objective is to fix your ship, protect your teammates, and begin exploring space. You will have to plan out essentials like resources wisely and commanding drones.

Produce resources to useful materials to keep your ship operational and upgradeable. Grow food for your crew from crops. Generate energy throughout the ship to power systems and maintain colonization efforts.

Stardeus Trainer from

You can discover your first free Stardeus trainer at Plitch. Download now and play with our free and premium codes, you’ll be able to explore new strategies to enjoy the game!

Fix Device Wear ( On Click )

Refill Being Health ( On Click )

Infinite Crew Health

No Being Needs

Fast Research/Construction

Stardeus Trainer

Every AI agent in Stardeus has the free will to choose their next actions based on what they need. For example, all robotic workers have a “purpose” need that drives them to do something useful, otherwise known as building the wall you just ordered. However, if a drone’s battery is running low, it will solar panels first because it knows that solar panels provide electricity–something necessary for its survival.

Human colonists can be persuaded to grow plants and harvest crops by changing their job type priorities. Unless they have a brain implant that makes them controllable, you cannot adjust the priorities of human colonists.

Stardeus Trainer from

The next Stardeus Trainer comes from Cheat Happens which has a free trainer for this game. This cheat is designed specifically for people that are having difficulty in the game or who just want to have fun!

Fast Damage Repairs

Reset Wear Percent on Click

Take No Damage

Set Max Health on Click

No Hunger

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Stardeus Trainer

To survive in the universe, you must use your expansive computing power to research alien technologies. With a skilled crew on board, take your ship on an odyssey to explore procedurally generated planets and mine their resources.

Please check the video of the Stardeus game trailer below for your reference before playing the game. Once we get the new sources, we will update from other resources such as Plitch, WeMod, CheatHappens, Fling, or Cheat Evolution.

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