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1716020cookie-checkWhat is a shared profit casino? Everything you need to know

What is a shared profit casino? Everything you need to know

You have likely heard the phrase “the house always wins”, so the idea of a shared profit casino might seem contradictory at first glance. However, it is a model that is beginning to work, and it is starting to pay dividends for the casino operator and individual gamblers who sign up for a shared profit service. Traditionally, casinos operated as the house versus the player. However, some casinos would offer benefits and hospitality to high rollers who would spend tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars over a few days. However, there was no service where casino gamers could receive payment from the casino in dividends other than investing directly in the company.


The definition of a shared profit casino


A shared-profit casino works in the same way as any referral scheme. If you have a considerable social media following, or you can refer dozens or hundreds of new customers to a casino, you will likely benefit from a shared profit casino. Crypto casinos that pay dividends are an intriguing concept, and it isn’t something that you will find every casino doing, but as the battleground heats up, the market has become busier, with more companies competing for the same customers, and operators are thinking of new ways to bring customers to their sites.


While the idea of a referral scheme isn’t groundbreaking and has existed in business for decades, some cryptocurrency casinos will pay the shared profit out in digital assets such as Bitcoin or Ethereum, a brand-new innovation within the sector.

Cryptocurrency shared profit casinos


Traditional currency casinos are more likely to offer welcome bonuses and promotions to new customers in a bid to entice them to their site. However, given that some of these digital casinos are now worth billions of dollars and can offer welcome bonuses that can blow the competition out of the water, it has been left for new providers to think outside of the box and aim to generate new areas of interest for the millions of gamblers who play their casino games online.


Shared profit casinos are one angle that has helped to cultivate a unique new avenue for casino companies to try and take some of the business from the big names in the industry. The provider and the individual benefit from the dividends of this policy. Obviously, the influencer or notable person who can encourage people to sign up for the service will have a steady stream of passive income. For the provider, it is a great way to advertise. If it is in crypto, the dividend can act as a quality investment in the long run, with some analysts predicting that the next cryptocurrency bull run could be just around the corner.


Alternatively, if the person receiving the dividend would rather play their casino game, they can simply deposit it from the wallet to play their chosen game.

The power of digital advertising


Gone are the days when television, radio and newspaper advertising dominated the products we would purchase or invest in. Traditional advertising is a much smaller portion of advertising than it used to be, with many proclaiming that one of these three significant traditional advertising avenues will cease to exist within the next 50 years.


Since Facebook, Instagram and Twitter combined have billions of users, the shift in marketing and advertising is now entirely online. You don’t need to pay for a newspaper or television subscription because it won’t reach anywhere near the number it would if you paid an influencer on Instagram with a few hundred thousand followers. In a nutshell, a shared profit casino aims to identify big social media names and influencers who can advertise the casino’s services and receive dividends. It is a solid idea, and for those casino providers who thought of it early enough, it has attracted vast waves of profit and visibility to their service.


Some of the biggest companies in the world have underrated the power of digital advertising for a lengthy period. Although many are beginning to get on board with it, some still believe big corporations have missed a step. Some experts believe the initial hype around the PlayStation 5 was diminished because of the technological powerhouse’s lack of digital presence around the time of the launch. However, this would be a one-dimensional view given that the product launched during an economic downturn, manufacturing issues and had a very high cost for an individual unit.

The future of shared profit casinos


A lot is riding on the current strategy for many cryptocurrency casinos. Although traditional currency casinos use a similar model, shared profit casinos primarily target cryptocurrency influencers and the market they help to attract.


If there is another boom within cryptocurrency, and these products start to gain significant popularity, there’s little doubt that affiliate programs will expand to other areas of social media, and providers will look to siphon off more of their profit to pay dividends to more prominent influencers. As with any hugely successful idea, there need to be other variables that help it to achieve its full potential, so the next couple of years could be crucial in the world of shared profit casinos.

Final thoughts


Upon first impression, a shared profit casino might sound like profits are shared between the gamblers and the house. In an ideal world, as a casino player, this wouldn’t be a bad idea. However, if you do find yourself in a position where you have a considerable social media following, the lucrative stream of revenue that digital advertising can bring in is vastly underrated.


Affiliate marketing is big news, and for influencers with hundreds of thousands of followers, it is a high-paying job where they can promote the services of the companies they use for profit. Expect to see more of these promotions on social media if cryptocurrency casinos continue the sort of expansion they have been experiencing over the last 12 months.


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